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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 30

TWO WEEKS AGO. I was in a group chat, the group name was “MATURED BOYS N GIRLS HANG OUT 18” we were discussing about the recent p–n video that just came out when I saw a message from an unknown girl.

Unknown girl: hi rummies!!
I quickly replied her.

Me: hi was xup. My name is Idris can I know you?

Unknown girl: I am omolala, a worker in shell company in port Harcourt.
The world shell and port Harcourt got my attention. If she’s is working in shell company, it means that she is obviously rich and since she is in port Harcourt, then getting to know her will be of great advantage to me. If possible, dating her will be the best because these shell workers are obviously millionaires.

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Me: can I add you privately please?

Omolola: yes you can.

I added her privately and hence forth, we started to chat like friends. I got to know a lot about her, that she is 36 years old, a single mum and so on and so forth..

She also knew a lot about me too, she knew I was seventeen, living in Bori camp, am a student and lots more.

Few days, she made her intention towards me of me being her sugar boy, at first I said no to her because I was afraid.

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She requested for my account number which I gave her without thinking, she then ask if mum or dad do receive alert when money is being added or deducted from my account.
I told her no that I was the only one that do receive alerts when money is added or removed from my account, ten minutes after my reply, she has transfer the sum of twenty thousand naira to my account.

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Without thinking twice, I agreed to be her sugar boy, though it will be online for now. We have also been sharing pic, Unclad pics.
She’s so amaze by the size of the beast that sometimes she do wish I can come over for a f–k but my constant reply had always been no.


omolola: hi handsome, today am celebrating my birthday o. I just wished you could come.

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Me: *replied* wow, happy birthday honey pie.

Omolola: *replied* thanks sweetheart. Where are you now?

Me: am on a cab going to GRA.

Omolola: wait, are you for real?

Me: yes.

Omolola: alone or with someone?

Me: alone!!

Omolola: please dear, can’t you visit me, I do stay at GRA too.

Me: wow, alright send me your address.

Omolola: thanks dearie, you’re the best. Expecting you!!

She said and sent me her address. I smiled, that means after visiting Mrs Fatima I will also pay her a visit.

Men!! today will be great

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