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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 27

Samuel: Bella or Mrs Fatima?

I got confused, who should I visit. Bella or Mrs Fatima. If I visit Bella punani go dey o, and if I visit Mrs fatima, she said something about my assignment and work in class, my scores too go increase o..

Me: sammy, I don confuse.

Samuel: hahaha, I know wetin you dey think.

Me: which is?

Samuel: if you visit Mrs Fatima your score fit increase because she go definetly help you out, but if you visit Bella you go see free p—y to f–k.

Me: yes oo, which one I go take?

Samuel: Idiot, take both mumu.

Me: how.

Samuel: call one of them, tell am say na tomorrow you go fit come, say today you no get chance.

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Me: yes oo. You’re absolutely right.
By now we have finished with the grasses. We kept them in a large waste bin ready to be disposed of. Samuel was right all the way, I will definetly postpone one of the visit but which one out of the two?

As we were through with the environmental sanitation, we washed our legs and went our separate ways.

Samuel: *entering inside their room* bee wise boy, be wise.

I smiled at Samuel, nonsense guy! I entered inside our room, my brother was sitted on the couch with my phone playing temple run, my mother should be in the kitchen preparing breakfasts.

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I wanted to enter our bathroom to have a nice shower, truth is, my eyes were heavy with sleep, I didn’t sleep well yesterday so it was definetly affecting me.

I was about to enter inside the bathroom when my brother ran to me with Mr phone.

Farouk: brother Idris your phone is ringing.

I looked at it and it was an unsafe number, I picked it without saying hello.

Voice: hello.

I quickly recognized the voice as Bella’s.

Me: hi bella, good morning.

Bella: morning Idris. Erm, will you still be coming to my place today?

Me: *hesitated* y..yess!!
I drew the YES not sure if I will come or not.

Bella: please can we shift it till tomorrow, my friend living down the street is celebrating her birthday and I have to be with her all through.

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Me: *happy* alright no problem, I will come to your house tomorrow.

Bella: you can also come to the party, I am inviting you.

Me: hahaha, don’t worry, I will come to your house tomorrow for the assignments, I also have lot of work to do today.

Bella: *voice down a little* alright bye.
She said and ended the call.

Me: Yes!!!!!!
I shouted giving my little brother the phone, I will surely go over to Mrs Fatima’s house. who knows, anything can happen.

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