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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 22

Continues from the last episode.

Thinking I was through with her because I have ejaculated, I was very wrong. After cleaning me, she s—-d me again for like ten minutes and I was erected again.

Then she stood up, seductively she removed her bra and her pant. She was now unclad before me, her p—y shining like gold because she has already shaved it, looking so tantalizing.

She climbed me again and I couldn’t help it, I must taste that p—y I thought as I turned her over and dug my mouth straight into her p—y taking her unaware.

Jennifer: ooohh, yea baby..
She said as her both hands were on my head.
After ten minutes of sU-Cking and furiously licking of her labia, pea hole and her c–t, she pressed my head more against her p—y and I got the hint as I quickly too her c–t into my mouth again and s—-d it with reckless abandon.

Jennifer: ohh yeaaaaaa, amm cummmingggg!!!

She shouted as I was drowned in a wave of orgasmic fluid. She kept pouring in more and more of her p—y juice and I was very surprised, I never knew she was such a terrible squirter and I love it. Her o—-m can fill a little bottle of plastic water if care is not properly taken.

After about ten minutes, she came down and I got to her lips were I kissed her furiously. my hand was on my d–k and I traced it to the entrance of her p—y.

I tried putting the head of my BEAST into her but she quickly covered the entrance of her p—y.

Jennifer: I..I…I..haven’t taken…any,,any thing as big as that…

She stammered and I smiled.

Me: it won’t hurt so much. If you take your mind off it, then you will take all in.

I said but she wasn’t convince, she was still visibly scared and I can’t help but give out a short laugh.

Me: it won’t hurt. But you must have taken something bigger than this.

I said to her and she was surprised,

Jennifer: what have i taken that is bigger than this?
She asked and I quickly answered her.

Me: your training as a soldier is definetly harder than this.

I said and she smiled, she removed her hand and I rubbed the beast on her entrance to moisturize it, then gently, I entered inside her tight p—y, when the head of my d–k has entered inside her, I gave a hard stroke and I was fully buried inside her.

Jennifer: ohhh myyy gawwdd!!!!!
She shouted with her eyes fully opened. As if they were about to pop out of her eye sockets.

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