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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 20

I didn’t know when I stood up and hit the dancing floor. I didn’t care the numerous stares I was getting at then, thank God I was very good dancer. I started dancing most of the steps that the dancers danced in the music clip.

The dj then changed the song to “Antenna by fuse odg and shields” since Azonto was my favourite dance, I also blended well with the music. By now I was receiving claps and cheers from the girls mostly.

This made Samuel stood up and joined me, we started a two man group dance and we were killing it, then the girls started trooping in one by one, soon the dance floor was filled with all the girls.

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The party was getting intense. The bad boys got close to the light switch and turned off the light. Then they joined in the dance, everywhere was dark, each boy rocking hell out of his partner.

Me and Samuel was still busy dancing when a girl turned Samuel and started rocking him. Now I was left alone, I didn’t have the courage to approach any girl for blending but that didn’t stop me from dancing, having fun and feasting my eyes on the rocking being done by bad boys.

I was still dancing when someone touched me, I turned and it was aunt Jenny.

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Jennifer: dancing all by yourself?
She asked and I nodded. She gave a short laugh and before I knew it, she slid into my front and gave me her butt for free, being a talented dancer, I started work ASAP, holding both butt cheeks and rocking the hell out of her.

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I must confess, her butt really felt good and soft against my hardened “BEAST”, when I thought it couldn’t get worst, the dj changed the song to “Twerk by B-red and davido”

Now some girls tore their singlet and bra exposing their b0s0m. Jennifer quickly led me to a sofa where she kept me, sat on my d–k, her back side facing me and started to give me a lap dance.

D–n, if someone could have told me that Jennifer who seems quiet was this bad I wouldn’t have believed, she started bouncing and twerking on my BEAST with full vigor, she must have felt the hardness of my d–k as she quickly stood, turned around and gave me a wicked smirk.

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Before I could tell what was happening around me, she was taking me into her bedroom, I turned round and saw Samuel with the girl he was dancing with. They have moved to a hidden corner and it won’t be long before he will score his “THREE POINTS”
What happened next?

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