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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 18

Lo and behold, they were many girls inside the room. So were with bikinis while others were in other body revealing clothes.

What go me baffled was that the total number of girls present doubles the total of number of boys, they were practically no boys, except about two or three and I would have wondered if the party was a l£sb!an party.

Jennifer: Idris!!
She called me from a dark spot, I easily recognized her voice which I traced to where she was sitting down. She was wearing a mini skirt with a light singlet.

I quickly sat besides her and she gave me a bottle of stout to drink. I wanted to refuse at first because am not into alcohol but I couldn’t refuse, I mean it will be a disgrace to me considering the hot chicks that were all present there.

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Me: thanks!
I said as I collected the drink from her and began to sip it slowly.

Jennifer: where’s your friend Samuel?

Me: so he isn’t here?
I replied her question with another question.

Jennife: no, he is not here.

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Me: then am not sure if he’s gonna make it.

I said and just then, Samuel walked inside and immediately he entered, his eyes popped out just like mine as he saw all forms and display of nudity before him.

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I laughed and called him. He came and sat besides us and a bottle of alcoholic drink was also given to him. Like me, he collected the drink but unlike me, he didn’t sip or taste anything from it, he was just holding it.

The mc came out and declared the party started. He also ordered the dj for music. When the dj was giving us the latest beats, the mc was surprised that the dance floor was empty.

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He looked around, by now the number of boys have doubled. He called them to come and open the floor but the boys all ran away. He laughed and called the girls to come to the rescue but they were all smiling sheepishly.

By now, I have taken half the bottle of the stout and I was feeling tipsy. The dj switched song and played one of my favourite makossa song, I didn’t know when I stood up and hit the dancing floor.

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