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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 17

Me: how am I sure that we won’t disappointJennifer?

Just then, my mum walked inside with a
polythene bag in her hand.

Me: welcome ma.

Mum: Idris, so you are back?

Me: yes mum, not too long ago.

Mum: how’s school today?

Me: stressful but great.

Mum: hahaha, I know you’d say that.
She said and entered inside her room. When
I was through with my food, I returned the
plate to the kitchen, took my bath and
walked straight to my bed where I fell down
and drifted to sleep.

Time check 8:30pm

I woke up, looked at the time and was
surprised. I have slept long and am really
grateful they didn’t wake me up or interfere
in my glorious sleep.

I got to the sitting room and my mum
looked up on seeing me.

Mum: sleepy head. Your food is in the

Me: thanks mum.

Mum: good thing you have over slept,
tomorrow you’ll have enough energy for

That was when it dawned on me that I
haven’t even tell her that we don’t have
school tomorrow which is Friday.

Me: no school for us tomorrow.

Mum: no school?

Me: yes.

Mum: ah, then you’ll be at home looking the house in that case.
She said as I smiled. I entered inside the
kitchen and still served myself with rice
again. I came back and ate the food before
sitting down with them watching a movie.

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Time check 10pm

Mum: oya farouk. The time is 10pm, lets go to bed if not tomorrow you’ll wake up late.

Farouk: oo mum, please lemme just watch this movie, tomorrow is Friday naw.

Mum: and so?

Farouk: what about brother Idris?

Mum: Idris can stay, didn’t you hear that they don’t have school tomorrow?

Farouk:[B] Me n Samuel: we are coming..we said in unison. A satisfactory smile
quickly appeared on her beautiful face.

Me: so aunty Jenny, when is the party gonna start.

Jennifer: the party will start by 11pm till anytime you wanna go, maybe 6am or 5am
in the morning. Wait, hope your parents
won’t disturb you?

Me: no, I am a big boy now. I can sleep

I said while she laughed and turned to

Jennifer: what about you Samuel? I hope your parents won’t shout at you.

Samuel: nay they won’t.

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Jennifer: very nice. Lemme continue the preparations.
She said and continued her work while me
and Samuel walked to our separate room
with a smirk on our faces.
I entered inside our room and my brother
was seating on the floor, eating fried yam
and was watching cartoon displaying on the

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Farouk: welcome brother Idris.
He quickly greeted while I answered him
and walked to my bedroom. I quickly
removed my uniform, wore a red short and
a singlet and came back to the parlor.

Me: where’s mummy?

Farouk: she has gone to shop not long ago.

He said still focusing on the cartoon he was
watching. I simply entered inside the
kitchen and opened the pots one by one.
One contained rice, the other contained
eguisi soup.

So it’s either I make eba to go with the
eguisi soup or rice, since I am not a fan of
eguisi soup, I quickly dished rice into my
plate and came back to the sitting room.

As I began to eat, my mind drifted back to
the party that will be taking place this night.
Wow, I am really glad that I will participate
in it.

But how will I use and come out of my
house by 11pm. If my dad was around, it
would have been mission impossible. But
my mum isn’t like my dad. She is an easy
going mum but she won’t allow me to come
out by 11pm.

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Me: what about Samuel?
I asked still deep in thought. Samuel mum
isn’t like my mum. She is a little bit strict and
also won’t allow Samuel to come out.

This one we just agreed without even
thinking, how am I sure that we won’t
disappoint Jennifer. mumm!!!

Mum: shut up, oya, lets go and have some sleep.

My mum said and took my little brother

I was d–n happy. I kept on
watching the movie with my eyes constantly
looking at the wall clock.

Time check 11pm.

I tiptoed and peeped inside my mum’s
room, I was pleased when my mum was fast
asleep. She was even snoring, I guess today
has been over stressful.

I tiptoed out of the house quietly, wearing a
short and a cool top. I closed the door
gentle and with a smile on my face, I walked
to Jennifer’s room and when I entered
inside, my eyes popped out.
What did I see?

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