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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episose 10

Me: oh boy!!!
I said as I followed the pretty woman to her office. We got inside and she quickly locked the door and move to her seat.

Mrs Fatima: you can have a seat.
She said looking at me. D–n, for the first time, I am beginning to realise how beautiful this woman really is. She is so beautiful and cute, she have lovely eyes, nice skin colour, pointed nose and her lips were amazing.

Idrisss!!!! Are you mad, this is your teacher so stop fantasizing rubbish on here. Common boy, you shouldn’t be thinking all these rubbish for crying out a loud..

Mrs fatima: Idris!!
She called and brought me out of my thinking state.

Me: *startled* yes ma!!

Mrs Fatima: what were you thinking?

Me: it was nothing ma.

Mrs fatima : good, as I was saying, I didn’t see you in class today after you left to the rest room. What were you doing outside all that while.

She said and removed the little jacket she wore on her shirt.

Mrs Fatima: oh, the temperature is hot in here.

Oh boy, what kind of temptation is these? Half of her b0s0m were completely outside. The b0s0m were so big and rounded. The looked so enticing. I couldn’t help but to fix a long look at her b0s0m.

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Mrs Fatima: are you not answering me?
She said as her eyes caught mine starring at her b0s0m. I was filled with embarrassment while she smiled.

Me: what’s the..the..question again ma?

I asked and she smiled and shook her head. She brought out a little paper from her bag.

Mrs Fatima: here is my address, make sure you visit me at home tomorrow. We have a lot of things to discuss and I am impressed too, you are the best student when it comes to mathematics in your class.

Me: thanks but…..

Mrs Fatima: no but, just ensure that you visit me tomorrow, alright?

Me: yes ma.

Mrs Fatima: good, you can now go to your class.

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Now there’s a big problem o. How can I go to my class now that she has woken up the beast. You guys understand the feeling, when your d–k is fully erected and you are told to walk from your teacher’s office to your class.

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I stylishly stood up, covering my d–k with my hands and made to the door when she called me back.

Mrs fatima: Idris.

Me: yes ma.

Mrs Fatima: pass this books to your classmates. Its your assignments and I am through marking it.

Oh boy, i am busted. There’s no way I can hold those plenty notebooks with a single hand. Reluctantly, I walked close to her and collected the books from her.

I was surprised when her eyes were gazed around my crotch. She didn’t believe that the BEAST was a monster. She was surprised and kept on looking at my crotch area.

When it has gotten too much for me to bear, I quickly left her office and ran to my class with the books on the beast helping me to hide my erected d–k.

I got to the classroom and gave bella the notebooks to share for everyone while I stylishly walked back to my seat and sat down.

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Me: wow, that was a close one o.
I said to Samuel who was sitting close to me.

Samuel: I don’t get you, how do you mean?

Me: look at the BEAST!

Samuel: hahaha, bad boy. I suspect you and faith o. This one you both left the class same time and she came back with a broken leg.

Me: hahaha, you dey craze o.

Samuel: but you score three point abi na lie?

Me: yes, for lab.

Samuel: bad guy, just pray make this thing no back fire one day o.

Me: for where, it won’t.

Bella: Idris!!
She called.

Me: yes beautiful, kindly bring the notebook over to me.

I said and some of the students looked at me with a raised eyebrow when I called her ‘beautiful’.

She got vexed by my statement and flung the book angrily at me. The book flew towards me but I couldn’t catch it in time as it landed on a pool of water, fully soaked.

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