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His New Secretary🔞 – Episode 19

His New Secretary🔞

His New Secretary🔞

Ella’s POV.

I woke up to see mum lying by my side with eye bag insinuating she has been crying.

Elle you are awake ” she said and stood up..

What happened to me mum ” I asked staring at myself..

It’s nothing Elle, you were just having a slight headache ” she replied.. Reed and That man again came in ..

How are you doing now Ella” the man asked and I nodded as Reed stared at me.

Elle ” mum called nervously while I stared at her .

This is your Asher ”

What!” … I shouted and took my eyes to the handsome man .

He is my dad ?” I asked blinking my eyes and mum nodded .

He came nearer and held my hands ..

I’m really sorry you lacked fatherly love all your life please forgive me baby girl and I promise to make it up to you, your mum must have told you I..I ..I . mean uhhm I raped her” he said and paused .

Mum was raped? I sat there dumbfounded having nothing to say as mum cried her eyes out ..

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Please don’t hate me for that it was all Emmett’s fault yes he threatened to kill me if I don’t rape her ” he said and wiped his tears .

Is it the Emmett as in Reed’s dad? I glanced at him as he shook his head in embarrassment as an ‘ o ‘ left my mouth ..

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Please forgive me ” he said and pulled me into a hug ..

This is a lot to take in ..

I badly wants to hear mum’s story ..

How did she get involved with Mr Emmett ? It’s really still confusing.

Mum who is Harley ?” I asked . It has been bothering me for a long time now . I stare at her and she shook her head fearfully.

Why is she scared of telling us who the Harley is huh? It’s frustrating me seriously.




I saw my younger self with Reed in the compound playing a game which he was allowing me to purposely win .

I won ” I shouted and jumped up while Reed laughed ..

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You won Harley I won’t allow you to win again let’s” he said and grabbed me while I ran off as we began laughing ..

I’m not gonna play the game again ” I said , I Know he will win


I was now sitting with Reed at the balcony..

Harley please don’t leave me ” he said while I laughed..

What makes you think I will leave you Reed?”

I don’t know , I know you won’t leave so can you please tell aunt Nora to change my school to yours?” He asked pleadingly..

I will Reed ” I said and hugged him..



I woke up sweating !

Another scene of Reed and Harley?

Why was he calling me Harley? Or does that mean I’m ..


I think I need answers from mum. She can’t keep running away from it .

She has to tell me who I was before because I can’t understand all this ..

I’m confused.

I wore my flip flops and headed to mum’s place.

She’s the only one that has answers to my questions….

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