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His New Secretary🔞 – [Episode 1 – 25]

His New Secretary🔞

His New Secretary🔞

Author’s POV

Ella Carter is a 22years old young and ambitious lady who believes life is being unfair to her. She’s the daughter of a single mom who’s now down with cancer and needs to be operated on .

Ella has to do anything to raise the money and save the life of the only one who mean the world to her . Luckily for her , she saw a job interview at Emmett’s and Co. but she have heard about the CEO of the company being ruthless , cold-hearted and doesn’t have mercy on anyone not even his family member who seems to cross his lane .

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Reed Emmett is the most powerful, most feared and the most richest man in South Korea . He can kill at his will and not even the cops can say anything about it.

People tends him to be the descendant of the devil he doesn’t care about anyone but himself .

What about his deep secret which turned him into a monster?

What happened when his new secretary turned out to be feisty and isn’t afraid of him . He isn’t angry but amused about the only one person who have the effontery to stand against him . When he finds out her family background and the main reason she decided to be his secretary despite the fact that none of his secretary have ever lasted for a day..

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Will Ella be able to stay for the money to treat her sick mother?

What of the almighty Reed? Will he fall in love with the one girl who seems so different to him among others? What if he changes from being the most feared to a darling sweetheart?

Let’s unravel the misery

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