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“HIM, HER & I” (A Love Triangle) – Season 1 – Episode 9

(A Love Triangle)

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

It was a beautiful wedding between Papa and I. I wept and wept as I could not believe that despite all, I still married God’s perfect will for me. We had family and friends present. Mmesoma was also present with her husband. A man I had never met before. She told he was a pastor. After our wedding, Papa and I went for our honeymoon in the Bahamas. In two years, we had a set of twin boys… “Timi… Timi… Timileyin wake up, it’s half past seven… Are you not going for lectures?” I heard Mmesoma’s voice from a distance. “Mtscheeew… Oh my God!” I hissed angrily. Why would Mmesoma wake me up from a heavenly revelation like this? What kind of bad luck was this? “I slept really late…” I said to cover up my hiss. “Why? “ “I was not feeling sleepy, I had a lot on my mind!” “Hope it has nothing to do with the text message I got from Papa last night?” “Nooo… How? Papa is just my best friend, no strings attached, I was just thinking about some personal stuff,” I said. “Ok then… It is well. I am going for lectures… See you soon.” She stepped out of the room. “Another dream from the throne of God!” I reasoned. “God, why am I the only one you are showing these dreams to, please show this revelation to Papa as well in Jesus’ name.” I knelt down to pray. Prayer! Prayer at that time was always circled around God showing Papa that I am his destined wife. I wasn’t growing spiritually, every message I heard was always interpreted to fit my situation… When I heard messages like… “The Kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and only the violent takes it by force…” or “The devil never wants you to get what is rightfully yours, you need to fight to get it…” I would personalize these messages and take it as God’s word for me.

Later that evening, I went to Papa’s mini flat he had rented outside campus and I wanted to take this will violently. I helped him prepare his favorite meal and washed his clothes. I decided to help him clean his apartment, till it was late around 9pm. All he kept ranting about was Mmesoma’s depth in the Word of God. I didn’t reply him one bit. When it was 9pm, I told him I was leaving. “Timi, what is wrong? You are not looking your happy self,” he asked me and instead of answering I started crying. “Timi, Timileyin, stop it, no… No tears, what is wrong?” With that he hugged me and I held on tight to him, not wanting to lose him to Mmesoma… He kept cuddling me like a baby and my tears kept pouring… The obvious unexpected happened, my lips found its way to his lips and the rest they say is history…. I knew what I was doing was not right but I felt I needed to violently take what belonged to me, before Mmesoma took him from me. 10 minutes later, Papa was sobbing and I pretended to be sobbing for losing our s*xual purity…

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