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“HIM, HER & I” (A Love Triangle) – Season 1 – Episode 32


“HIM, HER & I”
(A love Triangle)

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Jadesola’s graduation had passed but the lesson I learnt from the shoe experience was
not an unforgettable one. I stopped feeling sorry for myself, rather I started praying for
mercy and using these Prayer points;
 Oh God that restores, please restore my lost opportunities in Jesus name
 Thou God of Many Chances, Give me another chance to get it right…
 Oh Lord, though I may have lost the best you had for me through my
carelessness and nonchalant attitude, by your mercy as my father, give me
another BEST…
I kept praying this prayer daily, God had showed me He was my Heavenly Father and
even if I had lost a great opportunity maritally through wrong choices or mistakes, He
who is GOD, can give me another opportunity.
I wasn’t desperate, but I was deliberate in my prayer. My confidence in God had
skyrocketed. I had gotten to that point Mmesoma was when we were in school. Now, I
understood why she didn’t break down when Bro Kennedy left her for me. She knew her
God, that even if she didn’t marry Brother Kennedy, God Could give her another Better
“God is my Father!” I remembered Mmesoma saying that … I remembered Mmesoma
saying she is the daughter of the King of Kings and as Royalty, she couldn’t stay
I didn’t know how God was going to do it, but I knew He was going to get me a new
In the midst of this, I got a shocking call from Azuka, Papa’s Wife…
After the kidnapping saga, I had kept off their family, so I didn’t know what was going on
with them.
“Hello, Sis Timi, Good Afternoon… How are you ma?” Azuka had said
“I am fine Pastor Azuka, so good to hear your voice” I said
“Hmm… Thanks, just wanted to let you know My Husband passed away last Saturday”
Azuka had said and I froze.
I wasn’t sure if I had heard correctly…

“What did you say?” I asked
“He was involved in a ghastly motor accident that claimed his life. He was in the hospital
for 5 days before he eventually passed on. Before he passed on, he asked me to reach
out to people he felt were not happy with him and ask they forgive him, he mentioned
your name among those people, so I am calling to extend his apologies to you that you
find it in your heart to forgive him…” Azuka said crying
“Forgive him…He didn’t offend me, I was just caught up in my fantasies” I said as I
broke down in tears
“Papa was gone?” I said to myself, “So this was the short time Papa had to spend here
on earth and I was desperate about having him to myself”
“You were made for Him” I heard the words again after so many years…
“Timi, you never asked me how you were made for Him, you were made to be a
supporter in his ministry. You were made to intercede on his behalf, you were just
meant to be a covenant friend to Him” I heard His voice clearly
I wept uncontrollably as I dropped my phone. Guilt had me buried in my room for days. I
had assumed for God, I had heard from God but I did not wait on Him to hear in details.
As I laid on my bed, the picture became clearer…
I felt like the Holy Spirit sat beside me explaining what God’s plan was; , Papa and I
were to be friends, Bro Stephen was helping Papa through his books that papa read,
while Papa was helping me grow from what he had gleaned from Bro Stephen. By
divine arrangement, I was meant to marry Bro Stephen which would have given Papa a
closer relationship with Bro Stephen, but I disrupted God’s plan…. I was made for Him
to move Him close to his destiny prophet.
I wept and wept for days especially when I paid Azuka a visit and she kept
“He had no spiritual mentor, no one he prayed with, He was only always reading the
book of that Brother Stephen A.A, who I told him to reach out to, but he kept telling me
that he was told he was a private person. He kept saying he was looking for someone
who had a close relationship with the man so he will be formally introduced to him…”
Azuka said and I couldn’t help my wailing…
I had misheard God!
I knew I owed Azuka and Papa’s kids a lot. I drew close to them especially because of
Azuka’s medical condition and her unbearable in laws…

We became best of friends and highly inseparable. At some point, Jadesola saw
Azuka’s kids as her younger ones.
Two years after Papa’s death, Azuka told me she wanted to do a Remembrance party
in Honor of her husband. I gave her my support as something spectacular had
She had met with her childhood sweetheart who she ought to have gotten married to,
but because the man’s family were not in support of Him marrying a sickle cell patient,
he had married another lady. The woman had died after delivery leaving a son with the
man. He and Azuka had met again at a function and the butterflies they felt in their belly
for each other in the past was still much alive.
The man proposed to Azuka asking that he wanted to have her as his wife. Azuka
prayed about it and accepted his proposal, so she wanted to do a Remembrance for
Papa as a way of her saying her final goodbye…
For two years, I had prayed to God to give me the type of shoe He wanted to give me
initially which I carelessly threw away. I kept using Jadesola’s shoe incident as a point
of reference to God. I kept telling God to give me another shoe, just like Bro Stephen.. I
never knew my order was about to be delivered to me at Papa’s Remembrance party
and Azuka’s wedding.

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