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“HIM, HER & I” (A Love Triangle) – Season 1 – Episode 30


“HIM, HER & I”
(A love Triangle)

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“Timileyin, this house is too big for you as a single lady, why don’t you sell it and invest
the money. You can return back to my house or rent a smaller apartment. I know you
are not thinking about marriage but I am very positive God still has someone for you”
My father had said and as a new creature I checked with God and I got a positive
response from God.
After a week, I moved back into my father’s house and it felt like God took me back to
restart my life.
Fresh suitors started trooping in, But I was not about to make my old mistakes.
I started praying for direction as to who was the best out of them all.
The dream I had years back resurfaced again, as I saw my late mother sending
someone to give me a new pair of shoes…
On waking up, I understood what this meant, Brother Stephen. I had been fortunate to
meet Brother Stephen weeks back but ever since we started chatting, he never asked
me any personal question. He knew I was no more with Odi as I had explained a lot to
him, but he never spoke about his status.
I didn’t want to be too forward so I just called him and informed him Jadesola had been
found and we wanted to come pay him a visit.
He was really excited about it, he sent us his address and I was surprised to find out he
lived in the elite part of the society. I wondered if he just moved there recently as he
couldn’t be coming for the morning evangelism he used to have with my mother, all the
way. Things must have changed for Brother Stephen in between the years.
We arrived at the address he gave us and I had to give him a call before knocking at the
gate. I didn’t want to believe Brother Stephen could live in such an expensive looking
house. He affirmed that was his house telling us to use the bell as he had informed the
security man of our coming.
I used the bell and the security man opened in no time, we were ushered into a beautiful
living room, I looked around and saw only Brother Stephen’s portrait, no wife, no
daughter, no son, I quickly calculated…
“Jadesola..!” Brother Stephen said as he stepped down the stairs, Jadesola ran up the
stairs to meet him halfway…
“Uncle Stephen…”
“Wow, my Jadesola is a big girl now, Grandma’s pet”
Jadesola laughed. Brother Stephen and I exchanged pleasantries and I just couldn’t
help myself…
“Wow… great things have happened to you in the past 8 years, “
“Hmm.. we thank God, God has always been good to me”
“When did you move to this area?”
“About 12 years ago”
“12 years… You mean you used to travel all the way to evangelize with my Mum”
“Yes… nowhere is too far to go for the gospel…” He noticed I was looking around, then
he said “You never thought I would live in a house like this?”
“Truth be told! Yes” I confessed and we laughed about it
“Well, I thank God for the gift of writing, it has been fetching me good and clean money.
I have about 40 bestseller books written by me…”
“A writer?” I asked as I was not much of a reader and didn’t know a lot of Authors
“Well, one of my popular books is “Dive in now!””
“What? You wrote Dive in now?” I asked remembering I had seen that book with Papa
way back in our university days. Papa had sang praises about the Author…
10 years earlier
I had met Papa at the fellowship center reading a book, he was so engrossed in it that
he had no time for any chit chat with me…
“What’s so captivating about this book?”
“Everything, this man Stephen A.A is such a deep writer, he knows how to break
Scriptures down. I wish I could meet him one of these days. He is someone who I will
love to mentor me… “Papa had said

“Really?” I had taken the book from him and looked behind to check the Author. Unlike
other Authors, his picture was not there and there was little information about him.
“I hear he is a private person and doesn’t want to be known by the society, that is why
he didn’t release his surname, we his readers just know him as Stephen A.A
I looked in shock as realization hit me… Sometimes Awesome gifts could be wrapped in
unlikely packages…Brother Stephen was who Papa was looking up to back then and I
was thinking Papa was the ultimate, When in the real sense, God brought Bro Stephen
to me on a platter of gold through my mother. I looked at the Awards that decorated a
wooden shelf with the name STEPHEN A.A bodily written on them…
“But something is missing in all of these achievement” I said hoping this shoe mum had
presented me in my dream had not been worn by another…
“I can’t see the pictures of your wife or children”
“Well, that’s because you ran away from me” He said laughing
My heart skipped a beat as I wondered if we could go back to how things were but
unfortunately for me the love triangle syndrome repeated itself in my life
“But thankfully, my bachelorhood days are almost over, I have a single sister, my
pastor introduced to me. We have been talking and she seem really cool, so I am just
seeking the face of God. For years I have waited, I have met several ladies but God
kept saying No, but hopefully I am positive God is going to give me a go ahead
concerning Sister Carol…
Sister Carol … That was her name….

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