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“HIM, HER & I” (A Love Triangle) – Season 1 – Episode 25


“HIM, HER & I”
(A love Triangle)

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I was not ready to take no for an answer. I decided to attend their weekly
interdenominational service which held only on Wednesdays.
I had locked Iremide in a room all by herself after feeding her. I did a thorough washing
of my body and went to a makeup studio for a glamorous look. I set out for the service
in one of the executive cars Odi had left for me. I wore the wedding ring I had bought for
myself about 2 years ago as a way of making people feel I was legally married to Odi.
On getting to the church, I was taken to the front seat by the usher, probably because of
my look. I noticed Papa froze in his seat on setting his eyes on me. Azuka looked my
way too and I smelt trouble, but I knew my game plan.
After the service, I walked up to Azuka and not Papa as expected and I introduced
myself formally to Azuka.
“God bless you ma’am, my name is Timileyin, I was Papa’s school daughter from way
back in school.”
“I know who you are, besides God told me you were coming… how are you ma?” Azuka
said smiling.
“Fine, thank you… I am happy God informed you about my coming here. I just wanted to
come clear the air!” I said laughing.
“I am with you,” Azuka said.
“I am a happily married woman who has no intention of making your husband fall, so
ma, please the relationship between Papa and I is just a spiritual father and daughter
relationship. When I saw his videos online, I saw it as a means of repaying him back for
all the spiritual investments he had made in my life,” I said convincingly.
“Hmmm… well, you wouldn’t blame me for reacting the way I did, if you have no hidden
motives, then you are welcome into the family,” Azuka said.
“I am very grateful.”
I was able to see Papa as well because Azuka took me to see him.
I continued in their church, as I gave my full devotion to service. I knew I wasn’t born
again, but my service was unrivaled in the church.

I became a close friend to Pastor Azuka as I poured money into their ministry.
I told them my husband was not happy with me fellowshipping with them, so that was
why I could not bring him along with me…
I became the number one kingdom financier of the ministry. Azuka was too plain a
person. She put in so much trust in me. She didn’t have the physical strength of the wife
of a founder, so I represented her in most Good Women meetings, whenever she was
invited to speak I will go on her behalf.
Papa saw my coming into their lives as an answer to his secret tears, as Azuka did not
have the strength to be his ministerial partner. He loved Azuka no doubt, but she spent
most of her days at home resting. The only thing she did ministerially was to do her
inspirational online video messages.
There were times she would have her crises and I would silently wish her dead, but
Azuka was a stubborn soul. She would always survive her crises.
My opportunity came when she got pregnant again. She was as weak as a newborn
lamb, and Papa’s family did not help matters.
As I got close to the family, I realized Papa came from a highly bureaucratic family,
Papa’s siblings were living with them and they had this weird microscopic selective
African mentality that the wife was the general wife of the family who should cook for
everyone even when she is weak. They cared less about her medical condition, in fact
they would spite her to her face calling her the “Weak Wife.”
On getting close to the family, I was partially grateful that I was not married to Papa,
because though he was a good man, the family he came from was filled with highly
inconsiderate and mean set of people.
During the pregnancy, Azuka could not perform her wifely duties as a wife at home and
a spiritual mother in church.
This got me close to the family as I bought their consciences with money and gifts. Even
Papa’s Aunty who was like his mother liked me a lot. Azuka saw me as a relief system
and Papa was unconsciously developing a soft spot for me. He would say sometimes…
“If not that Mr Odi has taken you away and Azuka is already in my life, we would have
made a perfect match.” I would smile and tell him to let that rest in the past as we both
had a great present and a sure future.
If only he knew I was not in his life for any emotional attachment but I was there for a detachment. If he knew I was in his life to take something from his life, he would have
taken to his heels.
I had my eyes on his twins, through his actions in my past, I lost Jadesola. He must also
lose his twins!

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