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“HIM, HER & I” (A Love Triangle) – Season 1 – Episode 24


“HIM, HER & I”
(A love Triangle)

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Mmesoma returned my call much later to my surprise… She was literally screaming…
“Timileyin, when my husband’s PA mentioned your name, I was shocked because I had
a dream about you over night,” Mmesoma said.
“Really?” I said.
“Yes, I saw you tied down and I saw your husband, Odi and that brother that I met at
your place when your mum died, what’s that his name?”
“Bro Stephen?” I asked.
“Yes… I saw him untying you, while Odi was looking elsewhere…”
“Hmmm….” I explained everything to her telling her how I lost Bro Stephen and how Odi
and I were not legally married. I told her about Jadesola and Iremide.
“My God! All these… Timileyin why did you give the devil so much opportunity to make
your life his playground or toilet for dumping refuse?”
She asked for my address and though she lived almost 3 hours from my place, she
came down.
Mmesoma looked more beautiful than I saw on the videos, she carried grace.
It was her driver that brought her. I saw that her total reliance on God paid off.
She kept looking at me with concern when she saw how scruffy I looked though I had
taken my bath. “It is well,” she kept saying repeatedly. At some point, she asked “So
can I see the baby?”
I took her to the room Iremide was and she burst into tears the moment she saw her.
When she finally recovered, she said,
“Timileyin, crisis will always come at people, but having the right people around you will
determine if you will overcome. Do you know Bro Kennedy and I are still looking up to
God for the fruit of womb, but I am so assured, we won’t wait for long, however if the
wait is long, I am happy I am with a man who knows the Lord… Odi could not stand with
you, but Bro Stephen may have been able to stand… do you hear from him? Or is he
married?” Mmesoma was saying but I was more bothered about reaching Papa.

I told her I will check online for him. She prayed with me and begged I should start
attending a church close by.
I insisted I would find time to fellowship in their church, with the hidden motive of seeing
Bro Kennnedy again. However, Mmesoma didn’t buy the idea as she said…
“Timi, God is everywhere, why travel 3 hours to church every Sunday, it doesn’t make
sense.” I knew what was happening… Mmesoma was a sharp girl, she was defending
her Bro Kennedy so that he doesn’t follow me again should he set his eyes on me…
I agreed to go back to Church, but I knew the church I was going to join. Papa’s online
After Mmesoma left, I joined Papa’s online church and under a month, I got his personal
I chatted him up and he was so happy to hear from me. I told him I was married with a
daughter and that God had blessed us financially. He was happy for me. I told him I was
a fan of his ministry and he joked about me joining his team.
I immediately accepted his offer jokingly but told him I would discuss it with my husband
as I will like to support his ministry financially. I teased him that it was probably the way
God wanted me to support him, maybe I was made to support him financially in his
ministry and not necessarily to be his wife.
I started chatting him up every day especially at night as he told me he didn’t share the
same room with HER. I told him my husband and I do not share the same room as well.
There was nothing emotional, just chit chats about our past school life.
My game plan got disrupted when Papa suddenly sent me a message…
“I am sorry Timileyin, I won’t be able to reply your messages again, my wife is not
comfortable with my friendship with you. I tried explaining to her you were my spiritual
daughter, but she is not comfortable with our relationship. She has reported me to my
spiritual father, besides my wife is very fragile who has been through a lot and I am very
careful about hurting her…”
I angrily threw my phone on the bed.
This Azuka was getting on my nerves… A common sickler who stole papa from me. She
had not met me yet she was already blocking my way…

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