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“HIM, HER & I” (A Love Triangle) – Season 1 – Episode 23


“HIM, HER & I”
(A love Triangle)

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Worse, unfriendly, inhabitable cannot begin to describe the atmosphere of our home. I
refused to leave Odi as I felt there was no way of survival. I didn’t believe I could live a
better life outside of Odi. My life with Odi was luxury at its best, so I couldn’t imagine a
life outside of him.
Odi who never abused me started abusing me emotionally and physically. He wanted
me out of his house. He hated the guts of the baby. He told me I was beginning to smell
like the baby. I also wanted Iremide to die, but she was determined to live. There were
days I would starve her, but on waking up, I will find her playing by herself. I knew there
was no escaping. Iremide made me an indoor person, so there was no going out with
I did not need anyone to inform me, Odi was seeing another woman, but I didn’t feel any
emotional pain as all that took my time was Iremide. I had given up on ever finding
Jadesola. I was just waiting for death to come for either myself or Iremide. My years
were wasting. Iremide was growing but abnormally.
When Iremide turned two, Odi came back one day and packed all of his stuff.
“Since you are not ready to leave, I will leave for you. You can keep the house and the
Gas station. I will also drop some money in your account.” I cried and begged him not to
leave me. I told him I was ready to kill Iremide.
“There is no point Timileyin, my heart is no longer with you. I am in love with someone
else whose parents are willing to give her hand to me in marriage.” he said.
I cried, begged him and his last words broke me and I knew I had to let him go…
“Timileyin, do you know what people are saying about me? They are of the opinion I am
into rituals, they believe I am the one who is using Iremide to increase my wealth, which
you know is not true, my money is pure, I started investing and saving as early or far
back as when I was 18 years old, so it is tearing my heart apart, hearing such rumors
about me. Coincidentally, your daughter is also missing. Timileyin, please let me go…”
Odi left me in his beautiful house, but the mansion felt like nothing to me. The house
suddenly felt like a small hut.
For days, I couldn’t take my bath and neither did I take Iremide’s bath. I couldn’t return
to my family as I will be a subject of mockery. I kept weeping and speaking to God in my
heart if he could hear me, but one name kept dropping in my heart.
I had not heard from her in over 5 years so I didn’t know where she was or could be.
I remembered I stumbled on an Alumni page of our university some months back, so I
checked through, but didn’t find her name. Bro Kennedy! I saw his name. I decided to
call him instead as I believed he could have her contact.
He picked up after 3 rings…
“Hello, good morning.” I heard a smooth male voice.
“Good morning,” I said after a brief moment of silence.
“Hello… Hello…”
“Bro Kennedy?” I said.
“Sorry, this is not Pastor Kennedy, this is his assistant, who is speaking?”
“His assistant?” I reasoned quietly as I wondered how established Bro Kennedy had
become that someone was picking his calls.
“My name is Timileyin, his old school mate, we have a common friend by the name
Mmesoma. I have lost her contacts and I was wondering if I could get it from Pastor
Kennedy,” I said in a rush.
“Ok, are you referring to his wife, Pastor Mrs., because his wife bears Mmesoma…” the
PA was saying and I shuddered.
“You mean he got married to Mmesoma?” I asked again.
“Well, I don’t know if it is the same Mmesoma you know, but to be sure, you can check
out our official website to see her picture,” the PA said in a hurry.
“Ok, please what is the website?”
“kennedyandmmesomawilliamsministries,” he said and hung up.
Marriage to Odi was living the fabulous life, we only went to church during festive
periods, so I didn’t know much about men and women of God. I therefore logged on to
the website and I was silently hoping it wasn’t the same Mmesoma, but before I could
end my silent prayers, her face and Kennedy’s face popped on the screen as Co-
founders of the ministry…

I sat for the next three hours watching different videos of Mmesoma ministering to
Bro Kennedy’s dentition had been worked on, it was whiter, arranged and he looked
really handsome.
A goldmine I had missed!
“God doesn’t have a specific spouse for a person, rather he has several men or women
as the case may be for a person, however, it is your responsibility as a single to position
yourself physically, spiritually and emotionally to ask God to give the best out of the
men. Listen dear single, I can marry any man and still live a happy life, but I choose to
marry the best man around so I can live a successful, glorious life,” Mmesoma said in a
“Listen singles, a good man may be able to give you a good life, buy you a house, treat
you like a queen but may not have the capacity to stand by you during the challenging
period of your life, but if you tell God through prayers and you position yourself rightly
through personal development, you will attract the best man who will have the qualities
of the good man and the added advantage of being able to stand by you during your
hard times,” Mmesoma said in one of her videos and I knew this had to do with me.
Odi was a good man, but not the best God could have given me. I had married a man at
my spiritual level, who didn’t know how to fight spiritual battles, no wonder he stood
akimbo when I was under attack in my dreams.
“Maybe if I had married Bro Kennedy or Bro Stephen, they would have fought my
spiritual battle with me,” I reasoned quietly with tears flowing…
“Who caused it? Who made me lose Bro Kennedy?” I asked as I felt anger and hatred
for Papa.
“Papa!” Yes Papa, he raised my hope, he made me fall in love with him and dashed my
He was going to pay for this.
I searched the alumni page for him and fortunately, I found him. He had already put his
social media handle there. I traced his social media account and found out he was
married to a lady.
She is the HER, I have not spoken about her since I started this story. Her name was
AZUKA. She was Papa’s wife. Papa had started an online church and from the look of
things, he was having a good life.

I saw their family portrait; Papa and Azuka had a set of twin girls. They looked so
adorable. They should be around 2 years old. I clicked on Azuka’s video…
“Since I was 5 years old, I had lived the life of expecting death any second. As a sickle
cell child, the society, my family and even friends made me believe that I could not live
past my youthful age, but the day I met Christ and knew I was created for a purpose, I
told myself I was going nowhere until I have achieved all I needed to achieve and with
God’s help today, I am married with kids and death is nowhere near my thoughts. God
is able to keep you alive and healthy,” Azuka was saying in her message.
I couldn’t believe Papa had married a sickler over me and not that alone, he was having
a good life with two adorable kids.
Far from it, Papa couldn’t have a good life and expect me to live a sorrowful one when
he was the one who made me lose Bro Kennedy. It was either the sickler got out of the
way or…
I had lost Jadesola and there must be a replacement!

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