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“HIM, HER & I” (A Love Triangle) – Season 1 – Episode 22


“HIM, HER & I”

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

The baby didn’t look human, it had the complete features of a baby, two hands and two
legs but the shape of the head was so absurd, I moved back in fear. The baby also had
an offensive smell like rotten fish. Though I was feeling pains, I jumped back in fear.
Odi also ran out of the delivery room. One of the nurses rushed out to call the doctor.
One of the nurses who was bold enough took over the cleaning of the baby. The baby’s
cry was loud and clear, telling us she was alive and breathing.
As the doctor stepped in, he was also flabbergasted to say the least, but he tried to hide
his emotions.
I wanted to run away from the hospital, as Odi had left me at the hospital. The baby had
been cleaned and put by my side. She was a girl. Her cry was disturbing everyone. I
became a topic among the nurses. I couldn’t breastfeed her as I was also irritated and
fearful at her sight. I knew this child was not from God, I knew I had gone to the devil for a child and since he didn’t have the ability to create a child, he packaged a demon in a
baby form into my womb. I knew Iremide was a messenger from hell to make my life
By 6pm, Jadesola’s school started calling as she was probably the only child left in
school. Odi had abandoned Jadesola. I received the call and pleaded with the school to
please ask one of the care givers to bring her to the hospital. Jadesola was 14 at that
time and could not find her way around.
I waited till around 8pm and yet no sign of Jadesola. I started becoming apprehensive
all of a sudden, and my fear was confirmed when I called the school and I was told the
caregiver had just sent a text to them, that she had mistakenly taken a ritualist bus and
presently she didn’t know where they were heading to.
I jumped from the bed and started screaming. The nurses rushed in trying to calm me
down. They thought I was screaming because of Iremide, but I was screaming because
I suddenly remembered my dream that I had earlier that day. The dream about the
strong man who wanted to seize my two kids from me, I was screaming because one
part of the dream had manifested itself, the strong man had slammed Iremide on the
floor and that could be the reason she came out looking like a monster, she probably
had been injured. Jadesola who had been saved by my mother in the dream had also
been kidnapped physically. I screamed because unfortunately for me, my mum was not
alive to save Jadesola through prayers… and worse of all, just like Odi was standing
akimbo in the dream not doing anything to save me and the baby, Odi had

I kept screaming and the last thing I remembered was me feeling a prick. I was sedated.
I woke up at around 11pm, I looked around for Odi but he was nowhere in sight!
Jadesola! I suddenly remembered…
“Where was she? Had they found her?” I thought to myself as I didn’t want to scream for
fear of getting sedated again. Rather, I called Odi, and surprisingly he picked up.
“Hello Odi…”
“Hello…” I could hear the sound of heavy music in the background.
“Where are you Odi?”
“Where do you expect me to be?”
“Odi I just gave birth, though…”
“Hey hold it, that thing you gave birth to is not a child, and I guess you got it from going
from one place to the other, if you want to continue with me, you better go discard that
thing, because I cannot live in the same house with that crap,” he said.
“It’s not my fault, you were the one who pushed me towards desperation,” I said as
tears flowed down. I knew I had been stupid, but I had more important things to
“I told the school to help bring Jadesola to the hospital since you didn’t go pick her up,
but unfortunately Jadesola and her teacher have been kidnapped…”
“What?” The compassionate Odi resurfaced.
“What do you mean kidnapped?” I noticed he must have stood up from the table he was
sitting as I heard the sound…
“Yes, she is not with me…!” I said as I narrated in detail, what had happened.
Odi hung up and I knew within me, he was going to make some calls to his connected
After a week, we had not found Jadesola nor the teacher. By that time, I had become a
shadow of myself. I had been discharged and forcefully given the baby to take home.
Odi stayed out late, whenever he came home, he would go straight to the matrimonial
bed. Iremide and I were using a new room, because of her stench. No matter how much
I bathed her, she still smelt like rotten fish.

I asked Odi to allow me employ a caregiver to take care of the baby, which he told me
he was less concerned about. He told me until the baby died he didn’t want me talking
to him. I knew he was indirectly telling me to kill the child.
“God cannot blame you if you stop caring for this thing, because left to me, it’s not from
There were times I imagined strangulating her or killing her with a pillow, but I was
scared that would be the second baby I was going to kill.
Life continued but all the caregivers I contacted refused the job as soon as they set their
eyes on Iremide.
By the 2nd month, the school and I lost hope in recovering Jadesola and their caregiver.
I was gradually losing it, then my world came crashing totally when Odi returned one
day really calm. He told me he had something to discuss with me…
“Timileyin, God knows I love you and would have loved to be your husband till old age,
but it seems like God, your family and destiny are not happy with this union.”
My heart was pounding…
“I was therefore thinking it will be better for us to go our separate ways, but I won’t leave
you empty. For the time wasted with me and the baby between us, I am ready to give
you some properties and money to start up a new life. Fortunately for us, we are not yet
legally married and that means we may be able to find the best persons for us… I am
I just sat down there looking like a zombie, I came into this relationship with my
daughter Jadesola and I was going out without her but with a big burden called a child
in my hands as a replacement.
I looked at Odi and I knew his mind was made up and there was no point begging him
as I did not have the strength for it.
“Where was I meant to go next?” I silently asked myself as I kept hearing Odi’s voice
saying to me…
“Timileyin… Timi, do you have anything to say?”

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