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“HIM, HER & I” (A Love Triangle) – Season 1 – Episode 13


(A Love Triangle)
Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Timi, your bed is stained! ,getting worse. I was beginning to cry. The source of the tears were of two origins: one, I was crying because of the pain I was feeling in my body and secondly I was crying because I realized I was a loser… You call this heavy flow, this is way beyond menstruation… re bleeding, we need to get you to the health center,. The idea of the h get medical help, so with the last strength I could gather, I said, a rush as I suddenly started feeling very thirsty. We had a cab service company in the campus that was just a phone call away, so I knew that was who Mmesoma was calling when I saw her putting the phone to her ear. I was blanking out, I could still see but my ears could no longer hear what was being said to me afar off. 5 minutes later, we heard a knock on our door. I was expecting the cab man as Mmesoma opened the door, but to my utmost shock, it was Bro Kennedy. I was too weak to carry myself, so Mmesoma and Kennedy helped me to the cab. On getting to the hospital, I heard faintly, the doctor telling Mmesoma and Bro Kennedy that I had an incomplete abortion. After the initial shock, he kept on looking at me sitting face to face with me on a chair in the hospital ward. You could see he was trying to hold back his tears. Mmesoma had gone to fill some forms.

Bro Kennedy and I just kept staring at each other, a lot of words unsaid. That was the first time I ever looked at Bro Kennedy in the face. I saw a genuine soul, my tears fell on I would never have done this to you, w At that point Mmesoma entered, she spoke to Bro Kennedy about the hospital bill. Bro Kennedy gave her his ATM card and PIN number. As soon as Mmesoma stepped out, he held my hands and kept sobbing, while I faintly heard him say… God, please let your mercy speak for Timi, you told me she is a great tool in the King Mmesoma walked in and joined in the prayer. Some minutes later, the doctor and nurses came in. I was wheeled to the theatre again as the doctor wanted to take out whatever was still left of the aborted baby. Kennedy was worse.


I woke up around 3am in the morning on the hospital bed. I called Papa back to back, but his number was switched off. I wondered where he was, I called one of his neighbors who I was friendly with as early I heard a soft knock on my door, instincts told me it was Mmesoma, and I was instantly happy, because I was sure she was bringing me food; I had not eaten in the last 24 hours. However, the door opened to reveal Bro Kennedy with a nylon bag. He was smiling and seeing more of who he was than what he looked like… Sis Timi, thank God you are awake so early. I spoke to my mum when I got home last time, you know she is a retired nurse. I told her about you and asked what I could do to help you, so she said I should try to make you hot and light pap. So here is it, fortunately, I had some pap. I looked at him thankfully and smiled.
If Mmesoma wasn’t in the picture, I would have reconsidered Bro Kennedy… but would he want to marry me after aborting a baby? meticulously he was pouring the pap into the mug.
Itsok, SisterSister Timi… I know this must have been a mistake, I know you were probably raped and thanswers. Rape? That was a good idea, Papa and I could keep this dirty little secret of ours while I could conveniently lie to everyone that I had been raped and out of fear I went for an ab0rtion. And MAYBE, just maybe I could get back Bro Kennedy. It was obvious he still had a soft spot for me…

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