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“HIM, HER & I” (A Love Triangle) – Season 1 – Episode 12

PART 12 “Him, HER & I”
(A Love Triangle)

Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Mmesoma kept singing and it was obvious something was making her happy. She tried pain I was feeling in my lower abdomen and the pain in my heart as I had been calling Papa repeatedly without any response from him. Timi, there is somethhe said smiling from ear to ear but it seems you are not in the mood to talk. Hmmm… Hmmm… Can it wait till tomorrow? I am feeling sleepy,. Ok, guess I have to tell someone else about it, I ,smiling. . number o he said giggling. Mmesoma said and my head lifted up on its own accord. Bro Kennedy and Mmesoma, what was the connection? Mmesoma had left our fellowship 3 months ago, so how did they end up together? Yes ooo, exactly… God gave me exactly the kind of man I have been praying for, for something special for me in he said giggling. I guess whoever she was speaking with asked how Bro Kennedy proposed. He just proposed this night in the sweetest way ever! Guess how? We had just completed our usual bible study together, we discussed Matthew 28:18-20, where Christ said all authority has been given to Him and that we should go and make disciples of Him… Bro Kennedy just said all of a suddenSis Mmesoma, I know you are passionate about making disciples and I am also passionate about that, I love your personality and smile. I wish and hope we can have this Bible study time together for a long time together… you know outside school, together in a house with Children and you.. Ugo, you know Bro Kennedy could not complete his statement as he had his head bowed, so I helped him. Mmesoma laughing out so loud.

Bro Kennedy, are you by any chance trying to propose to me? He nodded and I laughed so loud, he thought I wanted to say something else, but I just said It will be a pleasure to make disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, side by side with you, but however you will give m Mmesoma said and hot tears dropped from my eyes as I laid on the bed. ars? Was it the fact that I had lost on the two sides Appearance… of course I know appearance is important, but appearance is just the icing on the cake not the cake and the cake is what is more important. lifestyle is the cakhe said laughing. old on… I know the icing is important, but who icing helphe said laughing. It is the outsiders that see the icing, but it is the wife that knows what the cake feels like. If I marry a man who looks good on the outside but has a bad character at home, of what use? Ugochi, Bro Kennedy is a very good cake, I will work on his icing,said laughing. Ok sweetheart… thanks dearie, extend my greetings to Mum and Dad, I will come home soon, Thanks s. Sorry for my disturbance… Timi, Bro Kennedy is so nice, thank you for saying no to him, he told me he had asked you out earlier, but you he said running up to me and tickling me in a cheerful and playful way but she shouted
“Timi, your bed is stained”

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