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There was so much uproar among the students that the principal was forced out of his office by the noise. “Yes, what’s the problem with you?” Mr Oluwashina asked when he got to the senior block.
“Erm, we really don’t know sir.” Onome the Head Girl said. “It seems Feranmi and Timmy Turner were tested positive with HIV and some boys in SS2 have a copy of the test results.”
“How could Dr Oluwabukola be so careless with the test results?” The Principal cursed under his breath. “Sit down! I don’t want to hear any noise from this block again or you will all be punished.” Mr Oluwashina threatened as he left for his office.
On getting to his office, he immediately sent for my infected friends and I.
Samuel and I were still at the library having a heart to heart discussion when Olufunke came looking for me.
“Calm down Timmy, you’ll be fine.” Olufunke assured, hugging me tightly with her head barely reaching my chin.
“Everything will be fine?” I repeated as the thoughts of facing the school disciplinary committee floated through my mind. I imagined what would be on the Principal’s mind too “….and he was a gentle boy. Such a brilliant soul.”
The disciplinary committee suspended us for two weeks till the whole matter died down. According to the Principal, the news had reached Instablog, Unique Press Blog, Punch, Tribune, Sahara reporters and other top press company. The story of the sleepover we had at Feranmi’s apartment somehow got leaked and it further complicated the matter.
Tunmise who was unable to take the shame and embarrassments that followed the ugly incident took her own life that same day. As far as we all know, she only left our gathering and said she wanted to pick something in her room. There was something unusual about her when she was leaving. She left in a cheerful way and even gave me a peck before she left for her apartment. We all wondered the sudden change with her mood swing.

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After several hours of waiting for Tunmise. Omotola and Grace decided to check up on her perhaps she had slept off… Who knows? On getting to her room, they met her lying in a pool of blood with her body now cold and stiff. She left a note on her mattress which reads;
“I did this because I see nothing worth living for in this world. Mummy, I love you.
Daddy, I love you.
Timmy, I love you so much.
Feranmi, Tayo, Grace, Omotola, Halimah and Fatimah. You guys should really take care of yourself.
We shall meet again where we part no more. I really love you guys ❤” – Tunmise

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