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Feranmi, Tayo and I had taken turns in orally stimulating all the girls and bringing them to orgasm. Just as Tayo was about to announce the winner, the girls noticed our throbbing erections.
“Y’all have dicks big enough to die for.” Mafiana said teasingly as she pinched one side between Tayo’s fingers. I know Tayo could drive her crazy with his handsome, killer looks. “Hmmmm” she murmured as she caressed Tayo’s bare chest.
“I like the way you trimmed the hairs around your poonani too” Tayo said as he moved behind her and sniffed her neck with his nose like drugs detecting dogs used by security operatives at the airports.
“Let’s have a taste of you girls” Feranmi said as he laid down flat on the mattress. His dick has now grown bigger and harder at the erotic appearance of the girls.
“This wouldn’t be a bad idea after all… Will it?” Teemah asked no one in particular.
“No” the girls shook their heads in unison.
“Just the tip” Halimah said quietly, covering her face with her palms that I wasn’t sure if that was actually what she said. I looked up at her and she nods her head gently.
“I am going to get just the tip because I am still a virgin.”
“Okay me ladies, since we’ve all agreed to do this, let’s get into formation.” I said balancing myself at the other side of the mattress.
“Wait! Before we proceed, let’s make a covenant that no one will ever discuss what happened here to any other person both living or dead. No matter the circumstances.” Mafiana suggested.

“Blood covenant you mean? I will never do something of such.” I protested with Feranmi and Grace seconding the motion. The sleepover was now turning into a heated argument from both parties, those that supported the motion and those that were against it. Tayo tried as much as possible to calm us and bring things back to how it was before Mafiana came up with the gross idea of blood covenant. Shortly after the whole drama, everyone agreed to have a blood covenant after all we are here to have fun. We gave in because we felt we have no other choice so as to have a taste of the girls.
“So how do we go about this blood covenant if a thing?” I queried somehow puzzled.
“Leave it all to me” Mafiana said as she brought out a razor blade from her purse which she had left on the reading table earlier.
“Let’s come together quickly” Mafiana instructed as she chanted few words in an unknown language. She gave a life threatening warning afterwards that whoever made mention of what happened between us that night during the sleepover to another living being, that person will not leave to see another day. After then she made some cuts on our hands with the razor blade till blood comes out.
To me, the idea of having a blood covenant is awkward and old fashioned but I couldn’t fight it anymore since everyone now supported her. After all, the one night pleasure is what mattered most to me then. I didn’t care about any other thing.
“You guys have been hard for almost four hours. I think you deserve some release right now after inspecting our breasts and eating all of our poonani.” Teemah said moving towards me. “Pick your choice girls” she commanded. The girls rushed at us dragging Tayo, Feranmi and I every directions in the room like they’ve been sex starved the whole time. Oh Fada Lawd! Five naked girls fighting over three boys to fuck them? Even if life needs to be tough, it should be as tough as this not financially and economically.
“Think you can match his energy?” Grace challenged Halimah while looking appreciatively at my dick. Although I wasn’t built like a pornstar but I have a big dick. Maybe a little bigger than the average ones but it was not much different in size and shape than the sex toy Teemah brought along with her to the sleepover.
“Of course I can!” Halimah protested looking at Grace straight in the eyes.

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“Timmy!” Grace called raising her eyebrows in an unusual way.
“Look, Halimah. Mafo, the dick is enough to go round. Don’t fight for it. What is meant for you will definitely come for you… All you need is to exercise a little patience.” I said patting Halimah on the back.
“Well, it’s your party.” Halimah said angrily and shrugged my hands off her.
“No condoms please. Let’s have it raw and enjoy the moment while it lasts.” Mafiana shouted while she continued giving Feranmi a badass cowgirl ride on the mattress.
“Your party, your rules.” I murmured. My pulse raised as my niece, Omotola knelt on the floor and pushed her ass backwards while Tayo banged her aggressively like a slut in a doggy sex style. The other two girls gathered around as Grace reached for my dick. Teemah reached for her sex toy too and pleasured herself with it. Halimah just stood there looking at us.
I am happily in a relationship with Tunmise, well mostly happy. Grace had been this spiritual sister right from our junior school days. She is the lead chorister in the Christian Student Fellowship. But when I looked between my legs and see her big eyes staring up at me as she wrapped her fingers around my rock solid dick, my mind stopped thinking about every other girls I’ve met. Based on what I saw earlier that night, Grace is no stranger to blowjobs. She held my dick just the same way she held microphone in during Sunday services. Instead of diving my dick right into her mouth, she teases me by licking the upper and lower tips of it, covering the lengthy flesh with her saliva. It was so erotic the way she maintained eye contacts with me all the time.
The night with the girls was fantabulous as I fucked every of the girls starting from Grace, to Teemah, to Mafiana and even my niece, Omotola was not left out. Feranmi and Tayo were not left out of the fun too. They had sex with each of the girls too except Halimah who claimed to be a virgin but was mad at me for giving bad comments on her breasts and getting Grace laid before her even though she came first. Who cares anyway?
It has been a whirlwind of sex and all sorts of things between everyone of us. While Mafiana and Omotola are good at it, Grace who had never had a sleepover experience is calling for more. Teemah on the other hand had more showers than any other person in the room.

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It’s past 4am, Tayo and Feranmi are lying on the bed fast asleep. The other girls have gone back to their lodges because they don’t want to be seen in the Senior Prefect’s apartment.
I helped myself with the little space left on the family sized bed and slept till the following morning.

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