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High School Crush🔞 – Episode 8

High School Crush🔞

High School Crush🔞

( I’m okay )


“ nikky I don’t hate you ” he said again provoking me more. “ but you like Bella so get out of my sight don’t appear in my face till the end of this exam. And for the holiday I will travel and be the handmaid of my aunt who just got married so keep your distance from me we are no more friends ” I concluded before running home.

After the exam like I said I spent my holiday with my aunt and its so much fun that I like them but I have to go back home.

The first person I saw when I enter the compound is David. But why this guy? And guess what? Isabella is behind him I just walk away from his face and I enter our flat. Oh I miss my room and my teddy bear.


Resumption day


“ hey girl I miss you happy new year ” Janelle said hugging me. “ I miss you too same to you ” I pinch her cheeks.

“ oh where is Dave? ” she asked

“ why should I know? ” seriously making me angry on a monday morning.

“ you always follow him around ” Janelle said.

I hiss then I left her to argue with whatever she will like to argue with.

The first week of resumption is really boring and I don’t know why mteww. On Friday I couldn’t find my purse I search every nook and crany of the school and even Janelle look for it everywhere we still couldn’t find it. And my transport money is there, I told my parent that I don’t want to trek again and they started giving me transport money but will I trek today.

I just dont have a choice o trekked along with Janelle Eric and Chris but its not that long before they leave me alone.

If david is here we would have walk together but things happen to be that way well I can’t blame faith.

If we were meant to be together we will surely be.

“ nikky ” I heard his voice again or am I hallucinating? No I clearly heard it.

“ wait you are taking the wrong route ” he said then I raise my head. Its true this is not the right way.

Before I know it we are walking together which I’m not comfortable with.

“ nikky this is not good for you let’s get back together ” he said. “ you are making a mistake we were never together don’t you get it?! ” I started walking faster.

“ I know you. You can’t continue with this and I don’t like seeing you sad like this ”

This guy seriously is getting on my nerves.

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“ I’m okay ”

“ no you are not ”

“ what do you even know? I’m okay and can you please stop making things harder for me? ” I said when we get home and I rush to our flat.

Throughout the weekend I didn’t get out of my room only coming out to run errands and I make sure I avoid him like a strange plague.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

For about six weeks this continue until my mom call me to have a dialogue with me because I am just looking sick and sad, walking like zombie around the house.

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“ nikky I want you to tell me the truth, before your holiday you will cry alone in your room waking up in the morning with dark circles, during the holiday your aunt call me that you are just forcing yourself to smile and now the dark circles of thing still continues wait what is happening?Are you having problems in school or with Dave? ” mom asked.

“ mom I’m okay ” I said blinking back my tears..


(the game)


“ you are not okay tell me the truth ” my mom press harder.

I explain everything from the beginning to the end.

“ what?! You are just an idiot! When he want to explain the situation why didn’t you hear him out? Are you that stupid?

When a guy is telling you he can explain he is telling he likes you and that situation is a mistake can’t you see ”

Seriously I don’t even know whose side my mom is on. Hmm after that I did not even listen to anything she said again.




My mom really make sure David and I trek to school together and you won’t believe me it is so awkward.

“ About that day I did not do it Isabella did it to hurt you ” he said starting a conversation.

“ what?! Hey don’t try to lie against that girl I know you did it ” “ I swear ” he try to hold my hands but I bite him hard. He groan in pain begging me to let go of his hand.

“ what was that for?! ” he cried.

“ that is for hugging another girl except me ” I mock him with my tongue.

“ do you want me to hug you? ” he asked. “ forget it ”

He eventually hug me and it felt so warm immediately he let go I saw Janelle and Chris looking at us with what is happening eyes

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“ its not what you are thinking ” I said.

“ yes it is what you are thinking ” David said putting his arms on my shoulder.

“ I hope your mouth won’t put us into trouble. I always like the quiet David because once you open your mouth nonsense always come out of it ” I said through clenched teeth.

“ what do you mean nonsense? My IQ is greater than yours ”

“ and you put vinegar in stew ” I said and he quickly hold my lips to stop me from saying anything with other hand he drag me to the class.

“ what was that for? Its not that I’m lying ” I said twisting my mouth.

“ I don’t know what to do with you again we just got back

together now we are fighting ”

Seriously what does he mean by back together? Are we in some kind of relationship? Or are we dating? Or he likes me?

Not long our class teacher enter the class and after calling the attendance she told us we are going for excursion at a game reserve. Yay! I love game reserves

The day came and everyone is looking fabulous Isabella I guess too.

On the way we sang in the school bus that the driver told us to keep quiet.

We were to use two days and one night there.

After walking and learning seeing some fascinating things in what seems like forest to me.

Everything seems boring and the teacher seems to notice this.

“ I have a very interesting game for you guys are you interested? ” our class teacher announced.

We don’t have a choice do we? We agree to whatever the game is.

“ you are to group yourself into groups and a group will consist of four people two boys and two girls now to be fair, you have to dip your hands into the jar there and if four people have the sake colour then a group has been formed you are to find at least four pegs in that forest ” she explained and I think the game will be interesting.

I dip my hands with prayer that I will in the same group with David. Fortunately, David Eric and I are in the same group.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Guess the fourth person….


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