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High School Crush🔞 – Episode 10 [Completed]

High School Crush🔞

High School Crush🔞

(what are we? Couples)


“ mom it’s not what you are thinking I can explain ” I said immediately my mom enter the house.

“ I’m listening explain the kiss ” she said you know African parents. Chai I’m in soup.

“ its kind of awkward mom how can I explain a kiss? Mom can you please understand? ” I said closing one eye.

“ understand what?! I suspect it but why didn’t you tell me the

truth? You know I’m your best friend you are not suppose to hide anything from me. You guys look great together but you have to take it slow you know you are just teenagers. No relationship till you finish high school ” my mom concluded.

“ but what if I lose him? ” I asked feeling concerned.

“ I’m sure Stella will guard him with all her strength so you don’t have to worry my dear okay? Just take things really slow and don’t let your feelings get into your heads okay ” she said and I smiled.More interesting stories available





David and I are just smiling at each other as we trek to school. There is a difference between the mood of being together and smiling together, and just walking with someone who always left me behind.

We hold hands as we smile at each other allowing love to fill the air for us.

“ good morning ” I hear Isabella and eric chorused behind us.

“ I told you to hold my hands like they did why won’t you? Can’t you see how love is flying in the air between them ” Isabella yell at Eric.

“ do I have to hold your hands so you believe I love you ” eric asked.

But wait o what’s wrong with this couple?

“ if I know you won’t be so romantic like dave I would have leave you for him. David can we be together? ” Isabella said and my eyes turn red immediately with anger.

“ nikky can we be together? ” eric also asked and I can feel

David also boiling in anger.

“ there is no way! ” david and I chorused.

“ we are just joking after all I can’t let nikky snatch eric from me this time ” Isabella said.

“ and I won’t let david snatch you from me this time too ” eric added.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

“ oh look at this couple ” I said.

“ well my sunshine let’s move ” david said holding my hands. Love is a beautiful feeling if you allow it rule your heart. I’m talking about pure love not obsessed love or lust love. If you are obsessed with someone you might end up loosing the person. If you lust after someone you will satisfy your lust one day feeling nothing for the person but when you are talking about pure or true love. That is letting go when you know you can’t make your partner happy or you are not the one for them or believing in that love and fighting every obstacles to protect that love.

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I found out my crush is not a crush but true love. I allow myself to love myself then I allow my heart to open to Dave.

I’m not the one who is only crushing on him but he is also crushing on me too.

My senior secondary school days is filled with happiness not only me but my friends too.

Immediately we gained admission into higher institution. David and I went on a date together, our parents are happy about it. The small company my father and his father run together is now big having many branches across the nation.

We were once neighbors and we are still neighbors because our parents build their mansions close to each other so their is no way that strong family bond will break.

( issa wedding something)


Years later we are still in touch with Eric Isabella Janelle and Chris. And now that we are adults and now working on our own. We hang out when we have some free time.

One faithful afternoon Janelle called me.

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“ hi girlfriend ” Janelle sounded too happy.

“ Janelle I’m busy right now I will call you later I need to edit this ” I said disappointing her.

I work in a media company and I’m now a reporter (my dream).

David is a surgeon, Janelle a gynecologist, Isabella is a general doctor and eric run his father’s company and Chris is a lawyer. You can imagine how busy we are always but we don’t fail to hang out every weekends taunting each other about our schooldays.

I gave Janelle a call after I’ve sort out every thing I need to sort out.

“ I want you to follow me to a bridal shop I need to pick a wedding gown ” she said.

“ what?! So you are getting married? And you didn’t let us know? Its unfair o Nelly ” I called her with her nickname.

“ so you are expecting I will be lord of rings bah? He proposed a year ago na ” she said.

“ oh I remember I wonder when this Mr man will propose too ” I smiled referring to david.

“ we are getting married next month because of my busy

schedule ” she laughed.

“ wow where should I meet you? Let’s go together I need to choose a beautiful dress for you and a dress for me too cause I will be your maid of honour ” I said happily.

“ that’s my friend meet me at the hospital ” she end the call. Janelle gave me hug immediately she saw me I’m just happy for her. I taunt her with old time how she and Chris use to fight, how she always tell him he is saying rubbish. Now she is marrying that man who use to say rubbish how funny.

After choosing the perfect dress for her, she came out looking so gorgeous that Chris almost faint

“ is this Janelle? ” he asked with his mouth wide in shock.

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“ no your grandfather’s ghost ” Janelle replied in a funny way. “ wow you look so beautiful the dress is just sparkling on you ”

Chris added while Janelle blush.

The wedding finally came, it was a white wedding so it was held in the church.

My friend is just looking gorgeous wearing that smile oh I want to get married too. Isabella Eric and David were present too. After saying their vows now exchanging rings is next but the problem is where is the ring?

We started searching for it which arouse murmurs from the people present.

I found a ring box on David, Isabella found one on Eric the bride and groom also found theirs. What is happening? After exchanging the rings the couple kissed and I stared at David

smiling, he also smiled but he surprised when he kneel down at the same time eric also kneel in front of Isabella.

“ will you marry me? My queen ” they both pronounce it together opening the small box in it is a diamond ring sparkling.

A tear escape from my eyes.

I look at Isabella who also return the glance.

“ yes!! ” like miracle we both said together.

I stretch my hand and he put the ring on my ring finger. I’m so happy, I can see isabella also smiling.

The bride and the groom were even jealous.

Shout of kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Were heard in every angle in the church he pull me up then he kissed me passionately.

Four months later David and I get married, isabella and Eric get married a month after ours.

“ mom that was so interesting ” my eight year old daughter

Laura said.

“ should I start again ” I asked and she nod her head.

“ don’t tell me you are still narrating those lies to her I didn’t put vinegar in the soup ” David said immediately I finish the story.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

“ you did I’m not lying the taste was horrible and I still remember ” I mock him with my tongue.

“ I thought it was cooking oil ” he scratch his head while our daughter burst into a loud laughter.

“ you really put it there you did ” laura mock him with her tongue.

“ I didn’t ” he try to deny.

“ you did you just say so you said you thought it was cooking oil ” laura said and I burst out into a loud laughter.

“ anyhow my princess ” he said in a loving manner to laura. “ and me? ” I asked jealously.

“ you are always my queen ”

Love is really good when you allow it in your heart and that’s my story.


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