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Her Pleasure (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 5 [Completed]

Eventually he moved to her p*ssy. Her hot, wet, throbbing p**sy. His finger found her clit. She tensed up. Again for the hundredth time tonight the pressure built. The tingling sensation took over her body. She was moaning quietly when she felt the first orgasm. He rubbed her erect clit harder, back and forth. Between his thumb and finger.
Oh finally!! There it was! She ground against his wonderful hand as she had a roller coaster ride of orgasms. One after another after another. He slid two fingers into her and ground around inside. Her body responded immediately. She was going to squirt. She knew it when his fingers went inside.
She begged. Holy f*ck she was cumming. Her juices started pouring out of her. She’d never actually squirted outside her body. But this wasn’t a leak or a drip – this was spurting. And he just kept pounding her with his hand. It hurt and was pure pleasure at the same time. She lost her breath finally he slowed, then stopped.
She had just started to relax when his hand returned. A cold hand. Then she felt an ice cube. Where the f*ck did he get that? She didn’t know but it felt so very nice on that hot p*ssy. It melted immediately. Then he had another. This one he slid into her. Oh shit. Too much too cold too intense…
“Pineapple!” She screamed her safe word.
No. Nope. No more. She was done.
He untied her arms, then her legs. Then took off the handcuffs. She barely had the strength but as he lay down next to her she wrapped her arms around him.
And she smiled.

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