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Her Pleasure (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 5]



Written by LipsGlossMaffia
Nkiru thought it would be exciting. Something different.Something dangerous. It was one of her fantasies. She had told Dapo about it when they were in bed late one night. Every girl liked her hair pulled and her ass slapped, right? Why not push the boundary a little?
He offered to help her experiment, and this was the plan. Friday night 9:00. Her flat. She would be lying face down on her bed, nude, freshly showered, shaved and wearing a blindfold.
The anticipation made for an impossibly long day. After work, she did a yoga class to get her mind clear, but her thoughts kept drifting to the night’s plans. At least she would be limber and relaxed.
She got home and took a long hot shower as planned. She fought the urge to use the loofah for more than just exfoliating her cocoa skin. She wanted to let the excitement grow. After her shower, she packed her hair into a ponytail, she knew he loved it when she styled her natural, long hair into a tight ponytail. Made her look innocent, he said. She put her favourite sheets on the bed and sprayed the bed with her favourite Victoria Secret lavender scent.
At 8:55, she was ready for him. She turned on some relaxing music, took off her robe, put on the eye mask she’d bought and laid down on her bed.
Her apartment door was unlocked. She heard him come in and lock the door then his feet down the corridor. She felt a draft when the bedroom door opened. Were the goosebumps from the cool air or the excitement? She couldn’t tell.
She was feeling very sexy and it was coming through in her voice. He didn’t say a word.
She heard him approach the bed on the side she wasn’t facing. Something was placed on the bed, a bag perhaps. She heard and felt him empty it near her head.
She felt his hand on her pony tail, then suddenly her head was yanked back. He placed something on the bed under her face, pushed her head into the bed again. Then she felt it tighten around her head, a long piece of cloth, his tie maybe, wrapped around her head, over the eye mask and tied at the side of her head. That definitely made the room darker than her #500naira eye mask.
In turn, he took each leg and wrapped a rope around, then, stretched them out and tied them to a corner of the bed. Wow, he had really planned this out, hadn’t he? Then, he pulled her arms together above her head. Cold steel snapped around her right, then her left wrists. Handcuffs. Not the fuzzy plastic play ones either, they weren’t as comfortable as she’d imagined. Then, he tied a rope to them and stretched her more as he tied the other end of the rope to the bed post.
Well, this was exciting. She felt that familiar warmth down below. Her nipples were already hard from the cool sheets now they were tightening even more. He ran his hands along her entire body, starting at her shoulders, down her ribs, across her ass, then down the back of her thighs, the back of her knees, and her calves. Her whole body tightened.

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