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Her Man – Season 1 – Episode 8 [Completed]


I went into my room depressed, susan was still out of town and I couldn’t get myself to talk to her about it she warned me but in the midst of it all I didn’t feel any ounce of gulit in me, I slept off in no time. I wake up earlier than I do I decided to try go through blogs and then there it was the wedding date was set my mother and martins were getting married I thought what we shared earlier was meanful I was hoping for a break up article, my heart felt like it has been ripped out of my chest. Involuntarily my fingers dialed his number it rang for a long time before he picked I didn’t say a word neither did he I was sobbing enough for him to hear

“I am sorry” was the only thing he said before the call was cut from his end he had made his decision and it is my MOTHER he chose, I cried out in anguish I had no choice than to call susan thou it was late to make phone calls but she picked on the third ring I told her everything she didn’t fail to show her disappointment but then console me as a best friend would told me what will be will be, I couldn’t go to work the next day I was disoriented the news was everywhere.

The day came in no time i was not in a good mood at all dad forced me  to attend, mum made sure I wsas taking care of major arrangement in the marriage preparation probably since she didn’t comfort me she just wanted to suffer in silent, martins didn’t show his face the only comfort I was getting was from his IG account he was beautiful I don’t know why I couldn’t take my mind off him. Today my mum was dressed beautifully, everything was in order the hall decoration was in order. I was ushered sit right in front I was abit down but I obliged, I sat and martins was there in front, the parazzis were in front of the church cause they were not allowed in, martin kept stealing glares at me he looked sad, my mum came in no time as the sound of ‘here comes the bride’ music kept playing, she was elegant I looked at martins and his eyes were on me instead of his bride before my mum got to the alter he runs to me pulls me up and kisses me leaving everyone shocked, I was shocked too I star at him wide eyed  I looked towards my mum and she was sobbing and was being held by a couple of people

“ am sorry, but I love her getting married to you wont be prefect cause I wouldn’t stop thinking of your daughter” martins yells out on top on his voice making her sob more and suddenly parrazi kept bursting in taking photos of us and my weeping mother, he held me leading me out of the confused environment into his car, he sped out immediately

“what have you done?” I asked

“I don’t know, but am sure it is for the best “ he said holding my hand like his whole life depend on it, my phone rang it was my dad, I know he must be disappointed,I pick up while my heart was beating fast

“you truly love him, its not appropriate but I support you” my dad said, it doesn’t matter if everyone was against us my dad is in support that’s all that matters my phone rings again it was susan

“what have you done?” was first thing she bursted out saying the news was everywhere and a lot of critics against me have saidand a lot of people weren’t in my favor it didn’t matter susan didn’t fail to tell me how disappointed she is. I became downcasted he noticed and sneezed my hand alittle with affection I didn’t notice he was holding my hand all this while, I smiled because it seem like I will survive this hard time with his love.

“What next?” I ask suddenly

“I just want to be with you” was the only reply he gave meit was reassuring am sure we are going to survive this with love.


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