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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Her Man – Season 1 – Episode 7


I call susan explaining my ordeal, crying while tell her all about the night all she could do was console me from the other end

stay away from him he is your mothers man, I know you love him but it wouldn’t be nice to do that to your mother even thou your mother isn’t nice” susan said, I hope I can follow her word am going to try to stay far from him.i kept pounding on the matter till I fall asleep till I fall asleep . I check my phone and there was a message from an unknown caller it was sent after I dropped susan’s call

“I cant stop thinking about that kiss, I wish I can but it seems you are stucked in my head am craving for your lips, those innocent touch, I have never been so turned on all my life….call me when you are free from work today 0813325… lotanna”

Oh  my god I cant be having escapade with my mother man that is religiously and societal wrong am just going to ignore. I went to work distracted, making a lot of errors, I couldn’t even complete an article my boss had to send me home noticing I wasn’t stable I was one good effective worker but not today, I got out of the firm brining out my phone and trying to call an uber and then a car horned at me it was martin’s I didn’t know how I got to his car side he beckon on me to get in I didn’t bulge I got in without a protest and then he kissed me suddenly I kissed him back vigorously he made me feel like I was in heaven, he was kissing me hungrily but deliciously, he held my hand and puts it on the bulge on his trouser he was hard it seem painful I totally forgot I was in front of my office as I made for his belt

“lets get out of here” he said restricting my hands and starting the ignition we head down to an unfamous hotel so no one will reconginise him we booked sa room it was moderate and clean he kissed me roughly I love it, kept telling me how good I smelled till he takes off my gown, bra and pant push me againt the bed and goes down on me I have never felt this way before it was pleasure I was gushing and moaning this is so wrong after I had cum twice he takes off his trouser and he was huge he made RAW sweet love to me, held me tight and whispering I want you, I smiled he was the first man I have ever been with. Drove me home afterwards, I felt pain and pleasure overwhelm me, I kept smiling . my dad noticed didn’t say a word just kept looking at me funny until he blunted out

“are you sleeping with him”

“what” I asked shocked at his blunt question he seem sure

“ I saw him drop you off,I saw you kiss him, are you as morally down as your mother “ he asked tears filling my eyes

“daddy…..i can explain, I met him first and he loves me” was all I could voice out

“this devil has made away with my daughter and wife” he said in mist of tears, he walks away leaving me dumbfounded I shouldn’t have followedhim then I heardv my dad screaming on the phone he told my mum everything SHIT

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