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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Her Man – Season 1 – Episode 6


The only guy that has reminded strucked in my head my head was bounding like ten years ago, this isn’t RIGHT, how could it be. Thou I have seen his picture on a lot of blogs but it didn’t ring a bell until I came face to face to him I couldn’t breathe mum was showing him off to a few people I was trying to get away, as I was trying to get away my mother pulls me back

“ baby meet roseline, rosy meet martin” my mum introduce us

We shook he was looking me deep in the eyes held my hands too long, mum noticed and dismantle us

“you look familiar?” he bluted out leaving my mum shooked

“ I don’t think so, mum I would look to leave now nice to meet you lotanna” i said giving out the name I gave him the first time we met on the bench am sure he must have forgot  about.

“its martins baby” my mum corrected me kissing him in the process, making my chest hurt and my eyes burning with tears  I signed as the kiss kept going loinger

“ would love to leave now” I repeated

“you just got here, why not stay abit” she said trying to persuade me but I kept going excuses about not coming with my car and all and about dad being alone at home she agreed to let me go and martins offered to take me home I tried to turn down the offer but mum insisted, we hop into his benz it was a very silent drive until we were nearer to the house he stopped a few meters away from my house

“ I remember you from the bench we met tenm years ago right” he said while packing

“ I don’t know what you are talking about” io said trying to deny

“no one calls me lotanna but you” he said looking me deeply with his big baby eyes

“ I tried looking for you after the party but you were nowhere to be found” he continued, reaching for my hand sending shrivers all over my body I looked at him my lips quiver and my mouth dry suddenly he come in for a kiss, his lips were moist and full, he kept passing his tongue into my mouth I didn’t resist I kissed him back he pulled back leaving me eyes closed. I wanted more

“I know  this is wrong but since the day at the bench I have been looking all over for you but I guess this is fate bringing us together, a very bad fate” he said, I wasn’t feeling guilty just abit of rejection “I shouldn’t have kissed you but I couldn’t resist, am sorry I am going to be your stepfather the relationship between us should be limited to that:”he said with regret in his eyes, I didn’t utter a word he drove right to my house drops me off and speed away, I let out all the burning emotions as I watch his eye disappear into thin air. I cry out sobbing silently so I don’t get the attention of neighbors.

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