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Her Man – Season 1 – Episode 4


When I was in his arms nothing felt safe nothing felt important whats this feeling called?’ I have never felt this way before my heart was pounding. And then he puts me down to my disappointment,

‘I guess I have to go back and see how my boys are securing this area, see you around I guess’ he said looking down into my eyes ,damn am I in heaven I felt my whole body quiver and tremble he was still holding me by the waist and moving away I held his arm a little in a bit to stop him from leaving he looks at me and smiled abit “ I will see you later” he said smirking and leaving I felt alone again, I  felt someone shrug me on my shoulder it was susan she was giggling and looking at me like I just laugh it off still looking around to see if I can see him. The party ended abit early, susan noticed “ seems my friend is in love with the bouncer” she out loud in a carefree manner. I never got to see him again


​​​Ten years later

I was still same in the man area, still me in the dressing area, and still me in the being daddy’s girl. My mum was everywhere she was one of the hottest actress in the industry ranging from nollywood to gallywood to Hollywood,dad wouldn’t stop watching her movies and it always left him sad he was deeply inlove with her but am sure she never thought about him for once all these years she left him, even thou she was hot in the movie industry her gist were all over the blogs she was full of scandals hoping from guys young enough to be my age she doesn’t spend three month with any of them before they get changed but of recent she has been sticking to just a guy it has been six month and all the blogs have been waiting for the news of breakup to occur but she hasn’t been giving them the satisfication it seem she was in love, dad was ask almost everyday if the breakup had occur but he always had the look of disappointment in his eyes once I answer negatively. It was a Sunday afternoon was resting from all the stress of trying to write a benifiting article for the publication company I was trying as much as possible not to write about my ‘MOTHER’ but I just had fought with me all through defending his ex wife, suddenly my phone rang it was a private number I pick up.

“hello” it came from the other line


“it’s your mother” the person on the other line said…..really after ten years you decided to call what effrontery

“are you there?”

“yes sure, what do you want?” I said bluntly

“that’s no way to talk to mother, anyways am getting married so am inviting you to my engagement party its on Thursday night” she said leaving me laughing

“whats funny?, just make sure you come through I know I haven’t been the best mother I am ready to make it up to you”she said

“ok lets see how that goes”

“thanks baby, just try and dress up for the occasion, and the engament news is exclusive you could add it up to your articles”she said before hanging up the call,she knows about my bad dressing sense from stalking me on social media I guess. Dad comes home apologise for being too harsh on me hugged me and peaked me,I told him about the call and about her getting engage I could see the pain in his eyes

“I will just decline dad” I said trying to make him feel better

“ no, go I always thought she will come back to me but seems it is just an illusion” he said with a faint smile on his face I hug him tight

On Monday I check blogs, magazine if they had gotten the hot gist about her engagement none has,was tempted to write about it on the Tuesday edition but I don’t want it to seem like she did me a favour, so I just gave the story to another writer, the story added about 2,000+ subscriber to the company’s blog, pathetic. I was trying to fine something that will hold me down on a Thursday so I will have an excuse not to go for her engagement party, I didn’t want to go home early so dad would not ask me to go, susan was out of town so there was nowhere to go to, I had to go back home and get ready for the engagement party, I wore a pair of suit with trouser and off I went she was staying in banana island it was such a big house, there was a bouncer at the entrance asking fro names, I was allowed in there my mother was I was nothing like her she was beautiful, confident and outspoken, she was in company of some people laughing, she came over to me immediately I entered  she kept showing me off to everyone telling them am her daughter. Her man was nowhere in sight, about thirty minute later he showed off……he looks so familiar I have seen his face before but I was trying to recall …..wait its MARTIN THE BOUNCER?

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