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Her Man – Season 1 – Episode 3


“Are you fine? You are turning pink…..try and breathe” he said looking a bit worried damn I have never had this feeling before he looked like he was in his late thirties

“I am fine thank you”I manage to speak with a shakily voice he smiled I felt a little tingling in my you know….area or what you would call my vagina.

“are you for this party or just passing through?” he asked looked straight into my eyes I nodded my head in affirmation he looked surprised

“are you sure?” he asked looking at me with a look of doubt for the first time since I came to the party I felt like I should have actually gone for the bikini Susan offered earlier he saw the look on me face smiled apologizing he didn’t mean to make me feel embarrassed

“you don’t just look like one of those girl?” I understand he was meaning I didn’t look like a party going person that observation was quite right,I was an introvert and all he saw through me.

“my name is martins by the way”

“you don’t look like a martin thou” I replied him

“so who do I look like?” he asked with a puzzled look on his face

“more like a lotana”

“why lotana?”

“cause you look like a play boy” it poped out of my mouth without caution I held my mouth immediately  I said it. He couldn’t help but laugh at my reaction told me to be free with him and told me he was in his early thirties I was right,by now everyone on the bench in attendance to the party were already dancing in twos to a very slow rhyme some girls were rocking hard against the guy and most of these guys has a look of satisfication on there faces.

‘would you love to dance?’martin ask

‘you want to dance with me? I asked surprising there are are a lot of girls here that he could dance with why me I am damn ugly and way too plains he nodded in affirmation.he went to the dance arena susan sighted me she had her arms wrapped around her man so tight and in turn her man had his hand on her potable ass, she giggled in my direction immediately she saw me with this god like looking man.he held me by the waist sending chills down my body draws my petite body close to his huge frame damn I felt my skin color go flush. He move with the slow rhymes I tried wrapping my hands around his neck like I saw sussan but he was way too tall for me he had to squat abit this gesture made us both blush, I blush more like I was embarrassedhe noticed

‘I think this should be less embarrassing’ he said picking me up his hands were abit below my ass I sign in surprise and buried my head on his shoulder, I felt safe in his arms never want this to stop.

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