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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Her Man – Season 1 – Episode 2


Susan invited me to go to a bench in lagos for her boyfriends birthday party with her I was quite reluctant I told my dad about it I stayed off campus and my dad kept me so close it was suppose to be an all night event my dad was quite reluctant  but allowed me since I hardly request to go out at night. I dressed in a causual round neck and three quarter short

“what the f*** are you putting on?” susan said immediately she saw me she was giggling so hard that tear started running down her check, I felt no alter of shame it was just my way of life I never for once cared for how I dress was on the impression I wasn’t dressing to seducing any guy never got attracted to any guy before, she offered  me a pair of bikini but I refused bluntly. We set off to go to the venue her boyfriend came around to pick us up, he was riding a AMG he was one of the bigboys in school (am guesing that was why she agreed to be his girlfriend, she is quite materialistic),

On getting to the venue I knew I was underdressed or rather overdressed(  underdressed in the sense that everone was trying to put up a show with the little  covering they had on or do they call it bikini and overdressed in the sense that I was the only one covering up almost every part of my body). Immediately we got to the venue susan and her boyfriend disappeared into the crowd shaking, hugging and laughing with almost everyone coming in contact with them,it was quite a chilly night but people around seems not to care or they just weren’t feeling it.there was no face I was familiar with and I wasn’t good with starting a conversation so I just decided to seclude myself. Since we got to the venue a lot of girls have been stealing glances at me and giggling am sure it is due to my outfit so I decided sit at the far end of the crowd my friend didn’t brother to even look for me, she was trying to be the life of the party

“are you lost” I jumped up as that question pops up suddenly from a deep voice behind me

“sorry did I starlet you?” the voice came again this time the figure bends down he was the most beautiful creature I have ever set my eyes on I choked couldn’t alter a word giving me a smile he ask “ are you ok?”this time his voice was less aggressive he was light skinned,looks about 7ft,well trimmed beards, good hair lin……I have never look at any male figure this much WHATS HAPPENING TO ME NOW? MY HEART IS BEATING TOO FAST IT HURTS ,AM I GOING TO HAVE AN HEARTATTACK?

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