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Her Man – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 8]

Her Man

Her Man


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Story Title: Her Man

Episodes: 8

Category: Love 

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My life hasn’t been rosy ever since my parent decided to get a divorce it wasn’t like it was all bloomy before then but it just got me all fucked up, my dad was the jealous type and all and my mom was the dreamy type she always wanted to be an actress but then I came along but still she never gave up on her dream even with me inside her she was going from one audition to another getting rejection, dad once told me her water broke while at an audition. My mom got her first role when I was just five, she hardly had time for me,my dad was a lecturer at unilag but made time for me so I grew up mostly in my fathers care, my mom comes back really late and night I nearly see her just once in awhile when she returns late and she gets into an argument with my dad while I hide behind the railings of the staircase watching them

“you have no time for your daughter! All because of this stupid acting job!” my dad yells at her

“I wont have had her if you had use a fucking rubber like I told you to!” she yells back turning away towards the direction of their room dad trying to pull her back but she yanks his hands away and I make the run for it most times she opens the door to my room probably having regret about the whole argument she had with my dad or just wishing she never had me she left when I was fifteen without a proper goodbye,she left a note for my dad telling him she is sorry she had to leave cause my dad was holding her from ascertaining her dreams and warned him sternly not to look for her.i remember how tears kept flowing down his checks without control  I taught it was all just a movie until months turned into years, my mom wasn’t there for me when I first started menstruating my dad tried his best but I was missing a womans touch in my life,the love my dad had for my mom was way too much that he didn’t move on after she left even ehen news of her frolicking with younger guys was in circulation she was full of scandals and my dad kept defending her just so I don’t hate her too LATE I already did… is damn blind

I was my dad only hope so when I was due for the university I went for unilag where he was the lecturer he monitored my every move I didn’t even have a lot of friend most people that came through to be my friend were student from his faculty since he was there HOD, I thgink most of them wanted his favour since he was quite strict one of who I was much closer to was susan she was a light skinned beautiful girl with long hair she looked more like a mermaid I never knew what I did to deserve her talking to me she was opposite to me she was fashionable while I was not she was fun and I definitely wasn’t. at 19 I was still a virgin at unilag (I know right E shock you) susan tried hooking me up but I just wasn’t into the whole boy thing(am not a lesbian either.


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