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Her Lifeline – Season 3 Episode 4

Episode 4

Hotel room

Greg set her down on the chair, her legs over one side. She stood up and began unbuttoning her dress. “You going to join me?” she asked with a smile as I stared at her undressing.

“Sure,” I answered, quickly starting to pull off my tie. She was undressed long before I was, and lay down on the lounge chair.

Molly slipped her stockings down and off while I took my pants off and then laid with her legs spread, looking up at me.

I finished undressing and knelt down on the chair between her legs, looking at her incredibly sexy body.

“Greg?” she whispered.


“Show me.”

“Show you what?”

“Show me what you showed her that day. Show me how you made her feel. Show me how you taught her that a man makes love to a woman. Show me the difference between sex and making love please.

I leaned down over her, holding myself on my hands and knees, looking down at her beautiful face glowing. I slowly leaned my face down, softly kissing the tip of her nose. Just a gentle soft kiss. I moved my face lower, tilting my head slightly as I lowered my lips to hers, pressing my lips to her hot wet lips.

She tilted her head, trying to kiss back, and I lifted my head away, preventing her from kissing back the way she wanted. She got the message without words and relaxed back down again.

I lowered my face to hers again, softly kissing her lips, letting mine rub against hers softly. She opened her mouth slightly and lifted her face the few fractions of an inch needed to kiss me back. I held myself there, our lips tasting each other’s, our tongues reaching out to swipe across the other’s lips or even far enough to touch each other’s tongues.

Her arms looped around me, wanting to pull me down, but I held myself up, keeping distance between our bodies.


I let my kiss move from her lips, off to her cheek, and then slowly, worked my kisses down her cheek to her neck. I tasted her neck with my tongue, my hot lips kissing each place my tongue gently licked, just the tip, and ever so softly. I kissed my way down to the base of her neck, almost to her shoulder and then worked slowly around to the little depression at the front.

She squirmed and giggled softly as I began to kiss lower, working straight down her chest, not aiming for either breast, but between them.


I stopped midway down her chest and started to move to her left, kissing ever so slowly up her soft mound, working my kisses so that I tasted her skin all around her soft mound, only then, allowing my kisses to reach her areola and nipple.

“Ohhhh God,” she moaned as I pressed my open lips to her areola, suctioning the front of her breast into my mouth, including her already rock hard nipple. I held it there, my tongue teasing around and around her nipple for long seconds before releasing it, letting it slip from my lips. I moved quickly back to the middle of her chest, and started to kiss again, this time the other way, working towards her right breast.

I felt her hands reach around me, one stroking my back and the other my short hair as I kissed my way around her right breast, stroking her soft skin with the tip of my tongue, following each stroke with a soft wet kiss.

Again, I heard her moan in pleasure as I tasted her nipple, this time sucking it a little more aggressively, teasing it with my tongue, but also letting my lips slide across her areola until I could press them against her nipple.

“Oh Greg,” she groaned as I pulled gently, stretching her breast, pulling her nipple upward until it slipped from my mouth. I grinned to myself at her reaction as I moved back to the middle of her chest, this time kissing downward again.

I worked slowly, letting my kisses now range from side to side, her stomach and abdomen being showered with my excruciatingly slow kisses.

She tried to push my head lower, knowing where I was headed and wanting to feel my lips there, but I refused to be hurried.

“what a tease!” she moaned, in complaint. But I knew she was enjoying it. I could already smell her arousal and I was only now kissing around her curly pubic hairs. I moved my body back, working myself down until I could slide my legs off the end of the chair. I carry her as she cuddle in my chest, drop her softly on the bed.

I kissed lower, working my kisses a little quicker, up and down around her pussy, kissing her round outer lips but not yet on her soft protruding inner labia.

I pulled my face away, lowering down towards the pad as low as I could.

I slipped my hands under her thighs, slowly working them under and around each one as I kissed first her left and then right thigh, teasing her soft sensitive skin.


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