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Her Lifeline – Season 3 Episode 3

Episode 3

Greg sniffed the clearly wet crotch before reaching down and carefully putting them into my pocket.

“Smells like someone is already a bit excited”.

She leaned towards me, her hand this time not reaching for my arm, but lower.

She slid her hand into my lap and ran her palm back and forth across the bulge growing in my pants.

“I think I’m not the only one.”

“You know. If you wanted to, I could take you to my motel room now,” I said quietly as she stroked her hand across my hard-on.

“And spoil all the fun? We haven’t had dinner or had a chance to dance yet?”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“Yes you did, before you thought too much about it and chickened out. But sometimes waiting is half the fun,” she whispered, before pulling her hand from my lap as someone walked past. She blushed a little as he looked down at her, clearly having seen what she was doing.

Fortunately the wedding party arrived shortly after she gave me her panties. Her ankle recovered sufficiently to allow her to stand, though with some help.

I held my arm around her and she leaned against me for support as we watched the wedding party come into the open tent area, one couple at a time

. As my girlfriend Kira walked in, her beautiful white wedding gown, I felt Molly slide my hand down off her hip until I was holding her left cheek. She pressed her hip against mine as I squeezed her firm ass, digging my fingers into her cheek slightly.

With the bride and groom making their way to the head table, she reached for my hand again, pushing it down further and then sliding it up under the hem of her skirt to place my hand on her bare cheek while we sat down, giving me a quick feel of her smooth firm butt. I certainly didn’t protest her playfulness. I just hoped no one noticed.

With the bride and groom now seated, everyone made their way to the tables, our round table getting several more couples. We all tried to make small talk as we waited for our table’s turn to head towards the buffet line. As we talked, I could feel Molly’s hand under the table move to my thigh, resting on it and gently stroking the inside of my thigh, her fingers slowly working up towards my crotch.

I wondered if the other three couples noticed the startled look that had to be on my face as her fingers started stroking my balls through my slacks.

“So. How long have you two been together?” one of the ladies asked Molly

“Oh. We’re not together,” she answered quickly, the smile never leaving her face.

“You’re not married?” the woman answered quickly.

“Could have fooled me.” I heard another mumble under her breath.

“Oh. No. We just met today,” Molly answered.

“So how does your wife feel about you messing around with other women behind her back?” the one that mumbled ‘the fooled me comment’ asked, disapproval clearly in her voice.

“What do you mean? Neither of us are married,” Molly answered. I felt Molly squeeze my leg, apparently in satisfaction, as the woman looked back and forth between us, perplexed.

“You see. I’m divorced and Greg is a widower,” Molly finally said after allowing the woman to stew for nearly a full minute. “You really shouldn’t make judgements about things you don’t know,” Molly said, looking right at her before she pushed her chair back and stood up. “Come on Greg Why don’t you take me someplace and fuck me? I’m not sure my ankle is quite good enough to hold all my weight yet, so you might have to hold me up while we do it.”

“Uhhh. Um. Sure,” I answered awkwardly, standing up next to her and allowing her to wrap an arm around my waist and lean into my side. I couldn’t help but notice where the woman’s gaze went as I stood, the hard-on Molly coaxed alive clearly evident in the bulge in my slacks. I could see the lady’s husband out of the corner of my eye, trying to stifle a laugh, as I helped Molly away from the table.

“Busy body,” Molly whispered to me as I helped her walk to the long line waiting for the buffet. “I hope she got an eyeful.”

“Of what?”

“Your hard-on of course. You couldn’t fuck me if you didn’t have one, right? Anyway, I could see her looking at your hand and at mine, judging us.”

“Our hands?”

She looked up at me as we stood with her leaning against me.

“Honey. Did you forget that you’re still wearing a wedding ring?” she asked softly.

“Oh. Yeah. Actually I sort of did. I’ve been wearing it for so long I feel naked without it, so I just leave it on.”

“I think you also leave it on to chase away interested women, like me.”

“Not on purpose,” I said defensively.

“Yes. On purpose,” she said. “Even if you don’t know it.”


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