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Her Lifeline – Season 3 Episode 2

Episode 2
That goaded me, so my attorney and I immediately opposed the request and filed my own motion for primary custody, arguing that I was receiving treatment, that my condition was easily treatable, that my depression was now under control, and that
I was devoted to motherhood 150%. The day after I filed, his attorney withdrew my husband’s custody motion and informed the court that my husband had no objection to me having primary custody, which the court promptly granted, while giving my husband liberal visitation rights.
I realized then that he had suckered me into stepping up to a parenthood I was still ambivalent about.
At that point, I gave up and signed the divorce papers. It was all over but the waiting. Fortunately, the waiting was not that long.
I eventually quit my miserable job after finding another position that had better hours and lower stress, and that made parenting less of a hassle.
I actually started to enjoy parenthood, especially when my mother stepped in to help take care of my daughter, which kept costs down. My ex-mother-in-law helped, too. I could tell that neither one ever got over what I did, but we didn’t talk about it.

Back to the Wedding
“Ouch.” Greg said
“Yeah. It didn’t take long before he admitted that he’d been sleeping around when he was out of town. Then I file a divorce” ‘Telling Greg the truth will have created a wrong impression.

“I guess I can see that.” He said
“So. Now my question.” Molly said
“I did promise.” He added
“Good. Because it’s really personal.”
“Uh huh. How long has it been since you’ve had sex? And I mean with a real woman, not some online porn or something like that.”
I looked at her a little shocked. “Uhhhhhh.” I managed to get out.
“That long huh?” she asked with that crooked smile again, almost like she knew she was being naughty.
“I didn’t say that.”
“Okay. So how long?”
I actually had to stop and think. “Year and a half or so,” I finally admitted.
“What would you say if I suggested that maybe tonight, just maybe mind you, that if you asked me later, I might say yes to such a suggestion?”
“Why? I mean I’m nothing special.”
“Goodness. I’ve never been questioned about offering sex before, but okay. I told you I was attracted to you. I mean that. I saw where you were looking earlier. I just thought that maybe you and I might find some mutual satisfaction. If you’re interested.”
I nodded slowly. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find you attractive.”
“Good,” she answered. She looked around and then scooted to the edge of the chair she was sitting in.
Molly slipped her skirt up further, and then reached under it. The hem pulled up higher, all the way to the juncture of her legs, completely showing me the tiny white bikini panty.
She reached up further under her skirt as she lifted herself slightly off the chair, her wrists pulling her skirt up until the whole side of her butt cheek showed. She pulled the tiny straps on her hips down over her butt and down her thighs as she sat back on the seat, the skirt still hiked up enough that her bare butt was sitting in the chair. She let go of the panty around her thigh and quickly worked to pull the skirt down again.
The entire process took only seconds, but gave me a view of the neatly trimmed triangle of curls on her mound and a glimpse of shaved lips between her thighs. With her skirt back down and covering herself, she slid back on the seat and moved her hands to the white panties still around her thighs.
She slipped them more slowly down her thighs, stopping with the panties at her knees, looking around to see who might have seen her impromptu removal of her underwear. Confident no one saw or was still looking, she bent over and slipped the panties down her legs, working them over her high heels. She straightened up and laid the tiny, almost string bikini style, panties on my lap.
“I hope you enjoyed the preview. You can give those back to me in the morning, if you decide to ask me later that is.”
“I don’t know what to say,” I said, picking up the panties and holding them under the table so I could see them without showing them off. I folded them and lifted them to my nose.
Season 3

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