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Her Lifeline – Season 2 Episode 5

“As for good Dan, I’ve seen the way he looks at you. Frankly, I’ve seen the way you look at him. I heard about him all the time for a while, then suddenly I didn’t. You suddenly have to work late. You snap at me without any reason. You seem distant. And for the past eight months, we haven’t had sex more than a handful of times. The odds of me having made you pregnant seem kind of low.”
I was shocked. I could not imagine where my husband got any of that. Dan was certainly handsome, but he was married, and we worked together because that was just the way it turned out.
He was kind of a work husband so we were close in a way, but we had never done anything even remotely inappropriate.
We just happened to click because we worked well together, which was the only silver lining in an otherwise unhappy job. As for my moods, that was probably hormones and stress.
“I’ve never done anything with Dan,” I said. I added, “Or any other man besides you since we started dating.”
My husband again simply looked at me without reaction. I snapped.
“I’m simply taking ownership of my own body!” I yelled. “Besides you told me you were not ready for another child”
I stopped for a moment to gather my thoughts, and my husband did not interrupt me.
“My pregnancy is not a decision to be made by an executive committee where other people can purchase shares in my reproductive choices because they’ve married me, or because they hope to become grandparents again, or for any other reason,” I said.
My husband just looked at me without moving.
After a moment, he finally said, “Executive committee?’ What are you even talking about?” You still will have inform me about the pregnancy”.
“I need to prioritize my own well-being. And I thought you would get mad, so I had to look after my own safety.”
At that statement, my husband stuck his jaw out and sucked in his lips. His entire body tensed. The fury was in his eyes. He then stopped and took deep breaths.
“You thought I would hurt you, and that’s why you didn’t tell me?” he said, almost in a whisper. “Am I getting that right?”
The fire was out of his eyes now, replaced now by cold, black anger.
I knew then that our marriage was in serious trouble. Molly tried to calm him, but understood deep down that the damage was done.
“I don’t know what I was thinking. I wasn’t really thinking, I guess. I just wanted it to end.”

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