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Her Lifeline – Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 2
“Molly I’m not in my forties I hit fifty almost a year ago. You’ve got to be what, half my age? Maybe a couple years older at most? You should be looking around here for a nice guy your own age. I’m flattered, but still…” I said as she broke out in laughter, her hand partially covering her mouth.
“I’m sorry Greg I shouldn’t laugh,” she said as her laughter subsided. “You assume I’m only thirty something because of how I look,” she said, leaning towards me and reaching for my arm again, this time laying her hand on it fully. “I am so flattered by that. But I’m much older than you’re giving me credit for. I was married for ten years before my divorce.
We had a daughter, and I didn’t marry young. You look like an intelligent man, I’m sure you can do the math.”
“You simply can’t be that old.”
“I’m not in the habit of telling men my age, but I will tell you if you’re close, should you happen to guess.”
“My math says you have to be about forty-five, or there about. But I’m having a hard time buying that answer.”
“That’s actually fairly close,” Molly said with a smile, “And thank you for telling me I don’t look it. It takes a woman a lot of work to stay trim, and a lot of makeup to look more than six years younger.”
“You don’t have that much makeup on, do you?”
“Some,” she admitted.
“So can I ask a personal question?”
“Yes, if you allow me to ask one back.”
“Divorced? Can I ask why?”
“Worried you’re getting interested in a serial killer, or worse, a serial cheater?” she asked with a crooked little smile.
“Something like that,” I admitted sheepishly.
“Since you’d only ask that if you were thinking you might actually be interested in me, I’ll tell you. My husband Kelly changed jobs about four years before our divorce. He started running around with different people and traveling for work a lot. The first few times I smelled perfume on the clothes he brought home made me suspicious. My suspicions were confirmed when he was out on the road and I called him by WhatsApp video instead of voice. He must have been distracted and answered the call before he realized it was a video call. When he realized, he tried to shield the camera so I couldn’t see, but I’d already seen that he was lying in bed with his head between the legs of a naked woman.”
‘Gush that was a big lie, I caused the divorce myself. This is how it happened’.
Two years Earlier
Molly’s divorce
This is my story how I got divorced, 2 years ago

But Kelly did say, “I assume it wasn’t me because I can’t think of a single reason why you wouldn’t have told me about it, if I were the father.”
I could feel my intestines turning their contents to liquid, and I dashed to the bathroom just in time for a bout of explosive diarrhea.
When that stopped, my stomach rebelled, and I had to grab the trashcan so I could vomit, as I remained sitting on the toilet.
After my stomach emptied itself, I could see that the sanitary pad in my panties between my ankles was still showing blood stains.
The nurse at the clinic told me that the bleeding could continue for days, but should decrease over time.
I was shivering and covered with goosebumps. No one was ever supposed to know.
I am a financially stable woman and the mother of a beautiful toddler named Judy.
Our daughter is often wonderful, but she is a ball of relentless energy. They are pretty terrible.

Kelly and Molly
After we had her, and before she became more difficult, as a matter of principle, I had come to a “one and done” position psychologically. Kids are just so much work. And such an expense. Forget about time for yourself. I just could not see myself having more.
My husband never expressed a preference. We probably should have talked about it, but I never figured out how to bring it up. He would probably just have taken whatever nature gave us.
But raising our daughter had us in a rut, so we were not having nearly as much sex as we used to.
Then, a few months ago, while drunk after a rare date night, I convinced myself that I did, in fact, want a sibling for my toddler, and let my husband make love to me. As he got close to coming, I told him not to worry about cumming inside me, so he did. Buckets full. It had been a while, after all.
A few weeks later, I missed my period. Then, I started to reconsider. I was plagued with nausea, vomiting, and most of all regret.
My husband heard me vomiting one morning and asked if I was okay. I told him that I must have some intestinal bug. He seemed unsure but did not press me.
After that, I took extra care to go to the downstairs bathroom when I felt the morning sickness coming on.
It was just at that time that my daughter had started her day care. I work at a hospital while Dan is a male Nurse and my daughter is in daycare, so our actual interactions are limited between us.
Add to that the fact that work was becoming more stressful due to some rapidly approaching deadlines, and I was losing it.

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