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Her Lifeline – Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

I’m bringing Molly close to orgasm and swirling my tongue around her clit as I use my hands to stabilize her more. I know the more she has to support herself the less she can lean into her orgasm.

Kelly feel Molly’s body release into my arms as I hold her, allowing herself to feel every sensation more deeply.

“I’m going to cum!” She moans out. “Fuck…yes,” she moans, the yes almost catching in her throat.

I feel her body tense as her head falls back. Her breath is caught in her throat, only the smallest amounts of air able to escape as her orgasm washes over her body.

I keep my tongue working on her pussy, wanting her to ride out her orgasm as long as possible. After a few moments, a rush of air escapes from her mouth and I know the intensity of her orgasm has subsided. I remove my tongue from her pussy, my lips and chin slick with her sweetness. I help her sit up at the edge of the kitchen island as her body recovers from her orgasm.

Once she is breathing regularly again she looks at me and asks, “did you enjoy your breakfast?”

“Very much,” I reply with a smile.

“I’m glad, you are,” she tells me as she slides off the island.

“What would you like?” I ask, my bulge clear in my pajama pants.

Her eyes glance down at my bulge before returning to my eyes, a smile spreading across her lips.

“Pancakes,” she says, her smile becoming mischievous as she takes a step closer to me. “Do a good job and maybe I’ll take care of this,” she tells me, giving my bulge a playful squeeze.

A deep breath escapes my lips as she squeezes my cock through my pants.

Smiling back at her I say, “I hope you’re ready for the best pancakes you’ve ever had.”





Two years later

Greg attends a wedding

It had been a beautiful ceremony. My girlfriend Kira, looked like an angel as she walked down the aisle. My wife would have simply loved to be here. We’d always had a soft spot for Kira and knew that she will make a beautiful bride.

I sat at the table under the huge tent top, nursing a beer and a small cup of peanut. I could not come, but part of me didn’t want to be here. It was the first time in five years that I’d come to a wedding alone. Usually we came to these together, both of us enjoying the opportunity to dance with each other at the reception.

Not that we were great dancers, but these were one of the few opportunities we had to dance with each other, and we did so enjoy the slow dances.

The cold hands of death took her away from me, her memories still assails me. I felt about as low as was possible. My sister and her husband tried sitting with me, but I told them they didn’t have to hover over me, and they finally moved off to socialize, something I just didn’t feel like doing. I guess losing your partner in life after some years will do that to you.

Oh, I have made all the usual promises to Sheila on her death bed. I wouldn’t curl up and let life run by.

Do I miss companionship? Yeah. But it’s that of a certain person I want, and I know I’ll never have again, so why bother?

What was what was occupying my mind as I sat alone, nursing the same beer for at least half an hour. I’d thought about leaving and going back to the little motel I’d managed to find a room at, but I really did want to stay at least long enough to see Kira do all those bride things, not to mention she had lined up a special song for me to dance with her after the obligatory dances were done. I didn’t want to let her down.

“Mind if I join you?” I heard a soft feminine voice ask me from behind.

“Um. Sure,” I answered a bit awkwardly, my brain taking a few moments to shift gears and drag itself out of the pit it was slowly digging.

“Thank you,” the young woman(Molly) said as she pulled out the chair to my left. “I think you found the perfect spot.”

“The perfect spot?” I asked as I let my eyes travel quickly up and down the curvy figure encased in the simple yellow sundress. I have guess she was late thirties or so, slender, but not super model skinny, nicely filled out chest, strong athletic looking legs that looked quite attractive as she slipped easily into the plastic folding chair next to mine. Her skin radiating and beautiful hair with a little bit of bouncy wave and soft looking. Her face was extremely attractive with full red lips, a short perky nose and extremely attractive eyes.

“The fan?” she said questioningly, making me realize that she’d had to repeat herself.

“Oh yeah. The fan,” I blurted out, twisting my head to look at the huge four feet fan.


“It could have been a little cooler,” Molly said, waving her hands to move some air across her obviously sweaty face and chest.

“I know it’s quite hot today, but it feels a lot hotter in the sun.”

“Yeah. It does that,” I agreed, reaching into my pocket and pulling out the handkerchief I always carried. I held it out for her. She looked at it, then at my face, and thanked me with a smile as she reached out and took it from me.

She used the soft cotton material to dab the sweat on her forehead and down her face before using it to wipe away the sweat on her neck and finally her chest and cleavage.


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