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Her Lifeline – Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Greg needed no other invitation as my concerns for her. So I did as I was told and I fished my cock out and rubbed her saturated folds to lube myself. Nora’s pussy warm. I thought that my cock could cum immediately. It was like trying to squeeze into a very tight and tunnel.

“Jeez, your are almost to tight for me to fit.”

“My pussy isn’t too small, it is that huge cock of yours,” Nora said huskily.

With one final push I was inside of Nora balls deep. While she sits on my huge cock.

“Oh my god. I am so full. Yes, give me that cock,” she said as I began to get a rhythm.

“You are so wet Nora, you are dripping down both of our legs.”

“Oh yes I know. Your cock feels so good and I don’t care about the mess.”

I slowed my pace so I could reach out and grab Nora’s breast. I trap a nipple and fondle with it. The nipple play causes Nora to arch herself and moan loud.

And we both cooed with the deeper penetration. I could feel my balls start to churn and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“I’m about to cum Nora. Do you want it in or out?”

“Don’t you dare take your lovely cock out of me. Fill my cunt up,” she replied.

I picked up my pace as I felt Nora’s hot and wet tunnel start to convulse around my cock. The connection of my wide cock and her stretched snatch was a creamy mess. But it gave me all of the visual that I needed to put me of the edge.

I let out a stifled growl as I pumped an uncounted amount of ropes of cum into Nora already creamy pussy.

My orgasm triggered another one in her as her legs gave out a little as I quickly wrapped an arm around her to steady her. I kept myself buried in Nora so she could ride the rest of her orgasm out.

As I pulled myself free from Nora’s cunt, a flood of our fluids poured from her to the ground.

“Damn, that was just what I needed,” I huffed.

“I know. That cock of yours so huge,” Nora said as she straightened up.


Kelly stir slightly in bed, arms stretching as my mind returns from my deepest dreams to reality. I realize that I’m not waking up to my alarm like usual, and the slight shock wakes me up a bit faster. I look to my right where my wife Molly should be, but she isn’t in bed. I am almost always up before my wife and I grab my phone to see the time. It’s half past seven and I’m normally up by five.

“Stupid alarm,” I say to myself.

I toss my blanket to the side and realize I can smell fresh coffee. I normally make the coffee and I start to feel bad that I overslept. I don’t even bother throwing a shirt on as I leave our bedroom in just my pajama pants.

I make my way to the kitchen and Molly is standing by the coffee maker in her silk robe. It hugs her curves so well and has my heart beating harder in my chest as I watch her pour a cup of coffee.

“I’m sorry I overslept, babe,” Kelly said

“Oh, honey, that’s okay. I know you’ve had late nights,” she says sweetly, bringing a smile to my face.

“You’re incredible,” I tell her.

“I know,” she says, flashing me a playful smile as she looks at me over her shoulder.

I return her playful smile and make my way to our kitchen island as she pours a second cup of coffee. Molly slides the two cups to the side and turns her body so she’s looking right at me.

From this close I can tell she’s not wearing anything under there robe, and my heart starts pounding in my chest.

“I didn’t just make coffee,” Molly tells me as she slides the belt off her robe. “I prepared you breakfast,” she says, her robe dropping to the floor to reveal her magnificent, naked body.

I feel myself stir in my pajama pants, but I know this morning is about showing my appreciation for her. She takes the couple of steps so she is right next to me by the island, her index finger running down my chest.

“I hope you’re hungry,” she says, sitting herself on the kitchen island.

“Starving,” I say as I move in front of her and down to my knees.

Her heels press gently into my back as my hands slide softly along her thighs. I place kisses along her inner thigh, moving ever closer to my delicious meal. My eyes travel to her magnificent pussy, a small strip of hair like an arrow guiding me to my purpose. I slide my tongue starting at the top of her well kept pubic hair, building her anticipation as I draw closer to her pussy.

Her hand finds my head but she doesn’t push me further along, simply shows me who is in control. I slip my tongue to her clit, paying extra attention to it before continuing my tongue’s journey down to her sweet entrance. I can tell she’s already wet, the anticipation of this morning clearly arousing her.


I make small circles at her wet entrance with my tongue, her body shivering slightly as I do. Sliding my tongue back along her pussy elicits a soft moan from her lips and a slight increase of her grip in my hair. I let my tongue swirl around her clit a few times before taking it between my lips. I suck her clit gently, the sheer act of taking it between my lips causing her body to shake and her hand clamp down on my head.

“Yes, baby,” Molly moans as I alternate sucking and licking her clit.

I allow the intensity to slowly increase, savoring my meal with each flick of my tongue. Sliding my tongue down to her entrance, I can taste how deeply her arousal has grown. Her sweetness coats my tongue as I return to her swollen clit.

“Right there, baby,” she moans out. “Yes, yes,” she continues to moan as I take her clit between my lips. “It’s good to be on annual leave” she sigh




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