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Her Lifeline – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 5]

Her Lifeline

Her Lifeline

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Story Title: Her Lifeline 

Episodes: 5

Category: Romance

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Episode 1

Her name was Nora. She normally worked the morning shift, so I was not expecting her when I walked in that night. My name is Greg, am a widower and a have a daughter, who lives with my mum. I am a regular customer to this restaurants. The diner was almost empty. There was a couple in a both to the far left. So I sat all the way to the far right. Nora was the only waitress in sight.


When she saw me she immediately made her way over to me. I put on the most charming smile that I could muster. My God I think her nipples had looks hard since I had saw her this morning. I was in complete and total awe of her beauty. I calmed myself as she inched closer. I was glad that I was sitting down and wearing a pair of shorts, because my cock swelled to half chub.

“Hey Greg, what can I get for you,” Nora said in a tired, but cheerful voice. Greg looks at the menu book and place an order

“I’ll get your order”…

And with that she spun on her heels and walked away. Man, the view as she walked away was spectacular. How she kept her ass so tight I do not know. Maybe she will tell me one day.

But right now I could daydream. Now think Greg, how will I get this radiant damsel to be in my bed?

Nora made her way over to me with my order. That is when I noticed her limp.

“Here is your order.”

“Nora why don’t you sit down. You are clearly limping. Its not like its very busy in here tonight.”

“Thanks Greg, I think ill take you up on the offer.”

“I would love the company.”

She pulled up a chair and sat down. I could see that her exhausted. Maybe this was my chance.

“Didn’t I see you here this morning Nora? Why are you still here?”

“The lazy colleague called out again, and that she is sick” she said.

“Please forgive me if I am mistaken, but doesn’t the manager realize that this work is stressful for just one person?”

“I just have to cope”? she laughed as she sighed.

She chuckled as she stood up.

Nora went to retrieve my meal. I was once again blessed with a view of her incredible ass. I just wanted to bury my face between those cheeks and dine out. Nora returned with my food, and I dug in. I was suddenly starving for so much more. I finished my meal quickly and waved for Nora’s attention.

“Done already?”

“Yes it was very good. My compliments to the chef. May I trouble you for a glass of wine?”

“Of course you can, your the only one here, so it won’t be a problem,” she informed me.

Greg was so distracted by the good food and of course Nora, what I did not notice is that I was the only patron left.

“I could take it to go if it would be easier on you?”

“Oh no, please sit. I rather enjoy your company.”

And with that I was treated to another fantastic view of Nora’s beautiful body. She served the glass of red wine

It was at that moment that I noticed that her perk nipples were obviously hard.

“Your nipples are as hard as rock. It gives me a hard on

“Oh my god, I thought I would……,” Nora said as she blushed hotly.

“Don’t be embarrassed, I understand, those nipples quite look good to me”.

“Really? Men always like the sight of breast”.

I glanced around the diner. There was no one to be worried about. The rest of the staff was in back cleaning. Only Nora and myself were in the dinning area.

“Do you mind for a quickie with me”

Nora leaned forward, she reached up and unbuttoned her shirt and exposed her bra covered tits to the world.

“Go ahead wait for me in your car, I will be done in a jiffy”. Greg finish drinking his glass of red wine, delve into his breast pocket, gives Nora some good tip.

We made the short distance walk to my car. I had parked in what I thought was a well lit corner, but at this moment it was pretty dark. I opened the passenger door for Nora and gave her my hand so she alight into the passenger seat of my Hilux truck.

Once she made it about halfway into the seat, her ass was about chest level.

“Nora, slow down,” I said.


She never had a chance to finish her thoughts as I flipped her uniform skirt up and buried my face between her ass cheeks. Nora was not lying when she said that her panties where drenched. Just the contact left my face glistening with her sweet juices. She shuddered as I ran my hands up her legs to the sides of her panties to remove them. Nora’s aroma was mouth watering. I licked her from clit to asshole.

She shook every time I made contact with her puckered hole. I knew would have to explore that later.

My god she was drenched and I was more than ready to slam my fat cock into her wanton hole.

“Stop teasing me Greg, just slam your cock in me,” she whimpered.

“Are you sure? What about we get home first?”

“I would be feeling a lot better if I had that dick of yours in me.”





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