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Her desire – Season – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

Her desire

Her desire

De9jaSpirit Originals

Story Title: Plan Well Executed (+19)

Episodes: 4

Category: Sex and Romance

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Episode 1


Maria has previously expressed her desire to be ‘taken’ by a male. It was a straight declaration, but it simply alluded to the true desires beneath. Previously used. To be treated as a source of pleasure for someone else. To be abducted as a sex slave (she could scarcely utter it to herself). That was exactly what she desired – the truth. Only because he had forced her into that position, she was turned onto her back, legs spread, and mouth open.


She’d do it because he wanted her to be like that. Then there’d be another method for him to get her. And he might order her to change to a certain posture so he can get closer to her, or he can just grasp her legs and roll her over with the force of his lust. And she’d adore it. Make an effort to get it.



Maria’s legs were almost trembling as she slipped into the stockings and positioned the tight lace on her thighs. The anxiety was growing. She was both excited and nervous about meeting him. I don’t know this man, haven’t seen him in about a year, and now I’m meeting him in the middle of the night, she thought. I’m only meeting him for sex.


He’d told her what to dress, and she’d gone along with it. It was slut clothing, with heels, stockings, a tight top, and no undergarments at all. She was dressed in the clothing he had instructed her to wear, and their significance was clear. He’d see her wearing what he’d requested, and his power over her would be obvious right away. He was already hinting what lay ahead for them with his directions to her, and she could feel the butterflies in her stomach and the hunger between her legs. She wasn’t exactly acting ladylike – it was something she’d never admit to another person – but she was following her most basic desires and deepest needs.


These were emotions that had been building in her for a long time. That was evidenced by the tingling in her legs.


Maria gave herself a cursory glance in the mirror. Her gaze was drawn reflexively to the region where her hands remained, as if trying to protect herself. He was going to push her hands away, and she was going to let him. He wanted her to be right there with him. He wanted to be there with his mouth, fingers, and cock, while she shook at the truth of the term. She’d never heard somebody say things like he had to her before and not been outraged. It wasn’t meant to be offensive this time. He genuinely lusted after her, and he couldn’t keep his sentiments to himself.


The journey to the hotel appeared to take an eternity. She had to stop herself from instinctively caressing herself. Her legs had already begun to spread open in a welcoming gesture. She was concerned about being late, then too early. So, what was he up to now? Maybe he’d already arrived.


The idea of holding a meeting in a hotel room was brilliant. He desired to have a sexual relationship with her. So she was going to meet him there. What did that say, exactly? Yes, it said, she wanted it as well. I’m with him. She felt so horrible about it that she would forego normal social interactions and norms to allow it. They wouldn’t get together for dinner and then dance around the topic.



She would not be able to put him off for another time, reconsider her decision, talk on the phone with him, and then eventually (or not) have him over for a special night. This was it. The moment that I open that hotel room door, he will have me. She said it again to herself. In less than an hour, I will be…. She had to stop the daydreaming; she was driving far too fast now, her foot anxiously pressing the accelerator.

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