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HELP! I Think My Girlfriend Maybe Pregnant And I’m Thinking Abortion

Good fellow readers, how was your day?
Please your mature advice is needed.

So I met this fine girl after about 6 months of continuous chatting, calls and video calls on WhatsApp.

We were both admitted to the University this year. So we are in 100l.

I spoke with her and she agreed to date me. Personally, I knew she loved me and I love her just as much.

We had sex a couple of times. We always use protection. But one day the condom got torn, and I deposited it in her.

Well, I gave her postinor 2 the next day. Just a few days back she told me that as she was washing her clothes in the morning, she suddenly felt the urge to throw up, and she vomited.

I asked her if she was feeling ill or anything, but she said she was OK and nothing is wrong with her.

I decided to buy one of those pregnancy test strips for her to test herself.

She did, and she told me she saw two lines. One faint.

I told her that might be a pregnancy, but she said she would like to retry it again some other time. So we are giving it a few days.

But here is the thing: I cannot afford to have a baby at this time. I am not financially stable to have a baby and that is the major issue.

First off, I’m an orphan who depends on relatives for my school fees and feeding and gets money for clothes with hustle.

I’ve been thinking about this since and till now, I just don’t know how I would be able to take care of a baby.

If it was when my parents were alive, I would have love to have the baby and keep with my parents but I don’t know of any relative who would accept a baby or even provide money for the upkeep.

The girl is still very young. And we are both starting our school.

I think at the moment abortion will be the only way out.

Sometimes I look at her and just hate myself for making her so unhappy by putting her in this sort of position.

Though I’ve not discussed this with her, I think she will agree if I say abortion or even ask her to keep the baby so long as I would be man enough to face the outcome.

So now, it’s either me running away with my tails between my legs or rising to take responsibility for the new baby.

P. S I’m a medical student. So side hustle is a thing that is not very feasible right now.

Please Your Mature Advice Would Be Appreciated.

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