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Heights Of Deception – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 10]

Heights Of Deception

Heights Of Deception

Heights Of Deception (episode 1)

Have you ever been betrayed beyond reasonable comprehension by someone you could stake your life for? Betrayed by someone you never thought could hurt you? Someone you felt safe around and could sacrifice just anything for? Someone you thought was your final Bus Stop and Soulmate?

If you have no clue or idea of the pains associated with such betrayal, then get ready to have a glimpse of it as we go down the memory lane of two lovebirds; Kesha and Dan.

It all started years back when Kesha bumped into Dan on her way home in their university days. It was a love at first sight connection that hot afternoon. When they collided, Kesha’s bag fell off her hands and she bent to pick it up after Dan apologised for being engrossed in his phone and not looking at where he was going to. With a faint smile, she told him it was OK and wanted to pick her bag off the dusty flour, but he beat her to it and lifted her bag off the ground.

“I am sorry once more, I wasn’t looking properly” Dan said, “It’s fine, it’s not like anyone died” Kesha responded. After that awkward conversation, they didn’t know what else to say to each other. Kesha tried to avoid eye contacts as much as she could but Dan wasn’t having it. He gave obvious stares and figured he had to act fast if he ever hoped on seeing her again.

As Kesha took one step to leave, Dan immediately asked if he could walk with her. Without reading any meaning to such gesture, she agreed to his request and they walked together.

Fortunately, they were both done with classes for the day so there was enough spare time to talk as much as they wanted to. Dan tried as much as possible to keep the conversation going and avoided asking Kesha any personal question.

One thing Dan quickly noticed about Kesha for the little while they were together was her innocent and reserved nature. He could easily tell she was naive and fragile. They talked about random school related topics and smiled whenever any funny thing was said.

After about 30 minutes of walking, Kesha finally got to her destination and said “Goodbye” to the stranger that had somehow made her afternoon a fun one. Without hesitating, Dan reciprocated the “Goodbye” but didn’t stop there. He proceeded to ask for her phone number because he truly wanted to see her again.

It was such a wonderful and weird feelings for Kesha as butterflies began to dance in her stomach. Those feelings were unique and strange to her because she hadn’t felt that way in a very long time. I guess it’s because she usually didn’t give any guy the chance to get too close to her and due to this, she wasn’t used to the feelings that associated with Love.

After Dan requested for the number, Kesha was mute for few seconds before giving her number to him. That night would be a day to remember for the rest of Kesha’s life because that day marked the beginning of a life of agony and regrets.

Days passed and Dan didn’t stop reaching out to Kesha every now and then. He called her whenever he was less busy during the day. They hadn’t met again since the day of that incident but Dan was working towards meeting her again during weekends; of which he did.

Gradually, they began to get very close and almost inseparable. Kesha gradually let her guards down and began to relate freely with him. Kesha came from a good family with well-to-do parents. They didn’t have the whole world and also weren’t the richest in the block but they definitely didn’t lack anything. Her dad was a successful business man while her mum was a doctor at a renowned hospital. Kesha had a younger brother as her only sibling and they never lacked anything.

On the other hand, Dan grew up in a family that struggled to eat two square meals a day. He grew up as a lower class citizen and was always seeking for ways and an escape route out of the poverty that befall his family. There was pressure on him as the first son to help in providing for his family members and it made him grow up too fast.

In the pursuit for financial freedom, Dan mastered the act of going after ladies that were well to do. He usually drains them off their money and took race whenever he was done extorting from his victims.

One feature Dan had that made him highly attractive was the manner at which he used his words. His deception was alarming to the extent that you wouldn’t suspect that you are being played.

The handsome face Dan had made things more easier for him when wooing ladies. They usually fell for his cute stature and good packaging. No one ever knew his poor background story, neither did they suspect that he was a Gold Digger.

It’s been over a year now since Kesha and Dan became friends and gradually grew into becoming lovers. Their relationship was peaceful and looked genuine but was it truly void of deceit and evil motives? Well, we will find out as we read on.

As time went on, Kesha felt it was time to introduce her friend to her parents. It was such a huge step in their relationship but they felt it was time they took what they had to another level.

Up until then, Kesha and Dan have managed to abstain and keep their bodies holy. It was of a truth that Kesha kept her body away from fornication but we can’t say same for Dan because he was getting it from other ladies. He cheated on naive ‘Kesha’ countless times when they were supposedly in a relationship.

As bad as this might sound, just bear in mind that it was only the beginning of the young lady’s plight. The official day for the casual introduction came and Kesha was really exited to show off her man to her parent whom have been asking her questions relating to relationships and settling down. She felt it was time to reveal her partner to her parents and was glad that day had come.

“Good evening sir, it’s a privilege meeting you. Kesha always talks about her parents and I’m glad I have finally met you” Dan excitedly said as he shook their hands. They all settled down and a conversation started. “How did you meet my daughter?” Kesha’s dad asked, “I met her in school last year” he nervously replied and the elderly man looked onto his eyes as though there was something he was searching for.

After a short period of silence, Kesha broke the awkward silence. “Daddy, do you want to say something?” she inquired with a faint smile and he nodded ‘NO’. Shortly afterwards, Kesha’s mum walked in to let them know that food was ready. They all headed towards the dinning table to eat. After eating, they spoke briefly again before Dan took his leave. Everyone said their ‘Goodbyes’ to him, while Kesha escorted her man to the nearest place he could get a car going towards his destination.

“I don’t think your dad likes me” Dan said out of nowhere. Kesha paused, looked at him and smiled; “I am sure he does; I means what’s there not to like about you? My dad isn’t the best to show emotions but I know he likes you” she gently said. Those words from Kesha made him happy again as they walked to the bus station.

When they arrived at the station, Dan hugged Kesha and she blushed all through. They parted ways afterwards and Kesha headed back to her family house. Immediately she entered inside the house, her dad called her to the living room so they could talk. One look at her dad’s face and she could tell that there was fire on the mountain.

Before Kesha could open her mouth to say anything after sitting, her dad took the lead. “My daughter, are you happy with the young man you brought here today?” he calmly asked, “Yes daddy, I really like him” she replied. Her dad sighed and continued; “There is something about him that just doesn’t feel right. I don’t know why I feel like he is a disaster waiting to happen. Be careful my daughter and use your tongue to count your teeth” the old man said.

There and then, Kesha was dumbfounded and didn’t know which best reply to give her dad. After he was done talking, she thanked him and went into her room to prepare for her trip back to school the next day.

All through that day, Kesha’s dad felt unease but didn’t know why. The only better explanation he could give that was behind the sudden unrest was ‘Dan’. In order not to stress it further, he let the thoughts go and tried to be happy that his daughter finally found love.

Since after that meeting, Dan got a glimpse of how well-to-do Kesha’s parent were, so he figured it was time to act fast so as to secure her and her parents fortune. After a long time of deliberating on what to do, Dan took the courage to ask Kesha to be his wife.

That day was one of the happiest days of Kesha’s life. She was extremely happy to be hooked forever to the only man she had ever loved. She called her parent to inform them of her engagement and everyone was genuinely happy for her despite not liking Dan a lot. They put everything behind them and moved on.

As the wedding bell drew closer, Dan was given a list of the things he need to buy in order to pay Kesha’s bride price. The list wasn’t too tasking but he had no money to foot the bill.

Kesha was informed by her fiance that he couldn’t pay her bride price. It was a thing of unbelief to her but she quickly covered up his [email protected] by using her own money to clear the bills while he took all the glory.

With the bride price down, it remained the wedding preparation expenses. Even with that, Dan didn’t have enough money to sort it out. When it got to Kesha father’s ears that his son inlaw to-be was struggling to foot the wedding bills, he stepped in and cleared the bills for everything that would be used for both the traditional and while wedding. It was quite embarrassing to Kesha that her fiance was struggling to foot their wedding bills; and the fact that he proposed without duress was enough to make her wonder why he was in a rush to marry her when he wasn’t financial stable yet. It was a hard time for Kesha but she remained calm and positive. However, something drastic happened few days before her wedding.

It happened one day while Kesha was at work. Her phone beeped and a message came in. She picked up her phone to check her notifications and figure it was a message from an unknown number which read; “You are making a big mistake, run for your life!”.

That message took Kesha off guard and almost took her to her early grave. She placed her hand on her cheat in disbelief. Unable to utter any word, she quickly dialed the number but no one picked up.

Scared and disturbed, she confusingly said; “Maybe it’s wrong number!”

End of episode 1 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

Written by Sonia Okehie

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