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Heart Of Gold: Season 1 Episode 9

Declan tried his best to talk his father out of committing suicide but the man was bent on taking his own life and so his son had no option than to grant his request.
Declan: “fine, just put down the knife, father. I will donate the kidney to you” he said and his wife nodded in agreement.
Stacey: “yes dad, there is no need taking your own life. He will donate one of his kidneys to you just like he has said. just put down the knife, please”
Mr Ogar: “how am I sure that he is telling me the truth? What if you change your mind after I drop the knife?” he asked suspiciously.
Declan: “I swear on my life, father. Just put down the knife”, he said.
After several persuasions and promises on the part of Declan, his father dropped the knife and his wife quickly picked it up and ran with it to the kitchen.
Mr Ogar: “If you change your mind about the transplant, I will quietly kill myself without your knowledge, I promise you that” he said to his son who sat down on a heap in the bed, the implication of the promise he had made falling fully on him.

Frank was able to convince Liz against going to the Police and he took her to a private hospital where her stomach was flushed and she was given proper medication. When she was discharged the next day, he stayed in her house, cooking for her, buying her fruits and attending to all her needs so that she could get enough rest. Liz could not help but fall in love with him over and over again.
Liz: “thank you so much for standing by me all these period that I have been sick. I don’t know what I would have done without you. I love you so much” she said to him.
Frank: “common baby, it is nothing. I love you and now is the right time for me to prove how much I love you by standing by you”
Liz: “I know but not many men would have done this, considering the fact that I didn’t allow you touch me all these while” she said bowing her head.
Frank: “its okay. So tell me, do you still feel pains anywhere?” he asked, searching her eyes.
Liz: “no, actually the stupid rapist took it easy on me, I don’t know why he did that”
Frank’s heart skipped a beat as it always did anytime she mentioned rapist. He also remembered that he had tried be gentle on her while he was raping her.
Frank: “oh, that’s nice” he said absentmindedly.
Liz: “I think I am strong enough to return home now” she said to him.
Frank: “Okay, that is nice. What are you going to do at home?”
Liz: “I want to inform my parents about what happened to me. I didn’t want to tell them over the phone because my mother would not hesitate to come here and I wonder what she would do when she finds you here” she explained.
Frank: “baby, do you think it is really necessary for you to tell your parents?” he asked in a bid to discourage her from doing so but not wanting to sound forward.
Liz: “of course it is very necessary. How can I be raped and my parents will not know about it?”
Frank: “don’t you think that your parents would insist on going to the Police and fishing out the culprit if you tell them?” he said holding her hands.
Liz: “whatever my parents decide to do after I tell them is their business. Even if they have to go diabolical to fish out the foolish and stupid rapist, it is their business”
Frank: “that is the problem. You still haven’t forgiven and it is not good for a Christian. I thought we agreed on keeping this between us and your friend who was at the crime scene? I didn’t know that you are still bent on involving outsiders” he said, suddenly sweating.
Liz: “I don’t know when you became such a devout Christian o. Anyway, maybe God is using you to talk to me, so I will just let it go” she said.
Frank: “that is my girl. That is the only way to be free, just allow God deal with them. And please, make sure you talk to your friend very well, you know that one can talk, let her not go and start telling people that you were raped, we don’t want that kind of scandal”
Liz: “ah-ah, my friend can talk? You know as well as I do that she is an introvert so what are you talking about? In fact, you appear to be kind of protective of the rapist, are you afraid that he would turn out to be one of your friends? Wait a minute, you have been bragging about my virginity to your friends and they decided to go behind your back and rape me right? Or let me guess again; you are having issues with some guys and they decided to get back at you by raping your girlfriend, yes that must be it” she said.
Frank smiled and laughed out loud, it was all in a bid to steady his nerves which were at cracking point. He was breathing so hard that he was afraid of Liz hearing the pounding of his heart against his chest.
Frank: “if I know who the rapist is, I will strangle the bastard to death with my own hands” he said.
Liz: “I know you would do that to me. I was just kidding” he said.
Frank: “I have an idea, why don’t I do a private investigation and see if I can find out who the bad guys that waylaid you girls are?” he asked trying to divert the discussion from himself.
Liz: “really? You will do that for me? That would be great” she said.
“Anything for my girl” he said and she hugged him.
Liz: “let me make us noodles to eat after which we will make love” she said.
Frank: “what! You make love? How? Remember no sex till after marriage?” he teased.
Liz: “not anymore. That was how I was denying you and another person came and reaped from where he did not sow. From now henceforth, it is going to be sex anytime you want it” she said and walked to the gas cylinder she used in cooking to make noodles and fried eggs for them.
After the meal, the two lovers fell on each other on the bed and began to kiss and smooch. Frank expected her to stop him halfway as she always did but this time around, she didn’t rather she encouraged him by returning his kiss and touching him in return.
When they were completely naked, he paused and she looked at him.
Liz: “why did you stop?” she asked.
Frank: “are you sure you want to do this? I mean is this what you really want? Let it not be that I am taking advantage of you” he said.
Liz: “of course I want it. Let us do it”
Frank: “okay, if you insist” he said, suddenly remembering the night when he had raped and deflowered her.
“If only she knew what I did to her, she would kill me this minute” he thought.
Frank fumbled with his manhood for some minutes and was unable to get erection.
Liz: “what is the problem?” she asked watching him.
Frank: “actually, I have never had sex before, I know I never told you this but I am also a virgin so I need you to touch me more so that I can get an erection” he lied.
Liz: “really? You are a virgin too? Wow! If you had told me this earlier, I would have given mine to you before that cursed guy took it away”
Frank: “it is okay, can we just forget him and continue with our foreplay before the main action begins?” he said and they got down to business.

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Question: What could be responsible for Franks’ loss of erection? Will the kidney transplant go well?

To be continued.

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