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Heart Of Gold: Season 1 Episode 7

Frank cast his friends a suspicious glance and shook his head several times.
Frank: “I thought I had good people as friends, I didn’t know that you people are a bunch of dummies. How can you even think of advising me to rape my own girlfriend? Who does that?” he asked them.
Tam: “who doesn’t do it? Wait a minute, do you think they will come and tell you after doing it? You claim your girl is a virgin and she will not allow you touch her. I am telling you that the girl is just pretending and that she is giving it to some other people free of charge. The best way to find out is to rape her yourself” he said.
Frank: “and then what happens after I rape her?” he asked.
Sas: “guy, e be like say Tam make sense o. I been don dey reason am say that Liz no really like you. Yes, she doesn’t and that is why she refused to come and see you all the time that you were on admission in the hospital. I wonder how you two got back together” he said.
Frank: “I told you that she also fell ill that period” he defended her because he didn’t want his friends to know that she had abandoned him.

Sas: “if she truly loves you, why won’t she allow you make love to her?”
Frank: “because she is a virgin. Have you not been listening to our conversation or what?”
Sas: “so what if she is a virgin? Will she deflower herself? Abeg make I hear word jare” he said.
Tam: “Frank, me I have told you my own o, allow us arrange for you to rape this girl and afterwards you can continue dating her if you wish. If not eh, all these money you are spending on her will just be in vain and she will move on to another man as soon as you graduate” he said conclusively.
For days after the discussion, Frank thought of all that his friends had advised him to do and overcome by the pain of how she pushed him against the wall and abandoned him to die, he decided to give in to them and they planned the rape for the next week.
Frank knew all of Liz’ daily routine and so he knew that she ended her day by going to study in school till some minutes before eleven after which she will take a thorny, bushy and lonely path to her lodge since she could not get any bike or taxi to take her home at that hour.
On that fateful day, he and his friends who were masked and well covered waited in the bush in the thorny and lonely path for her.
After waiting for some minutes, they saw her approaching with her friend who was also her reading partner and they jumped out, frightening the two girls out of their skin.

Few weeks after Declan and his wife left his family house, his wife seeing that his refusal to give his father the kidney was causing problems for him and his family decided to talk to her husband.
Stacey: “sweetheart, I think you should reconsider the decision of giving your father one of your kidneys” she said to him after dinner that evening.
Declan: “what do you mean?” he asked looking up at her.
Stacey: “well, I think that you should give it to him” she said and paused to see his reaction.
Declan: “what are you saying? I thought you were the one who advised me not to donate to him anymore” he said.
Stacey: “yes, but since we went there and you informed him about it, you have not been having it easy with them. Yes, I know that they have been calling you and threatening to cut off all ties with you if you don’t donate the kidney to him. In fact, your father even went ahead to say if he dies, you have no right to bury him as the first son that you are. I think this is not healthy for a family like yours so maybe you should just give in to their desires” she said.
“No, I will not. They can go ahead and cut off all ties, I don’t care. I already told them that I will not give my kidney and that is final. If my father dies and I go there to bury him, let me see the person that will stop me. That is when they will know that I can be mad” he said.
Stacey: “I understand but you have to consider me too. Already your people think that I am the one who doesn’t want you to help your father” she said.
Declan: “oh no you are not the one. You actually opened my eyes to see the reality of what could happen after I give out one of my kidney and I made up my mind against it after thinking about it for days”
Stacey: “hmmn…nobody will believe that, my husband. Remember that you already agreed to it before you married me, now they think I am the one who made you change your mind”
Declan: “well, what is wrong with it even if you are the one who made me change my mind? You are my wife for crying out loud” he said.
Stacey: “it is too early for me to start giving your people the impression that I influence your decision. Do you know that your step mother has stopped picking my calls after our last visit?” she asked rhetorically.
Declan: “and so? She can stop picking your calls even in her dream too. How does that stop you from marrying me?” he said, coming to sit close to her.
Stacey: “but baby…” she started to say before he interrupted her.
Declan: “shhh…don’t bother your pretty head over my family problems. We have our lives to live” he said and brushed her lips with a kiss.
The two couples got entangled in a passionate kissing session until a knock on the door forced them apart.
Stacey: “I will get it” she said and moved to the door.
When she opened the door, she was surprised to see her father in law’s personal assistant holding a bag and standing behind him.
Stacey: “welcome, sir” she greeted her father in law and ushered him and the personal assistant in.
Declan: “my dad? Wow! What a pleasant surprise” he said getting up.
Mr Ogar: “you may leave” he said to the personal assistant who dropped the bag he was holding, bowed courteously and left.
Declan: “you are welcome sir. We weren’t expecting you, all the same, welcome sir” he heard himself say.
“erm daddy, what do I offer you?” she asked staring at her husband.
Mr Ogar: “I am here too….”

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Question: It keeps getting hotter with each episode. Do you think they will succeed with the rape? What do you think Mr Ogar wants?

To be continued.

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