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Heart Of Gold: Season 1 Episode 6

Frank got to Liz’ apartment and knocked on the door. She was already half asleep when she heard the knock on the door. She peeped through the window and saw that it was Frank and her heart skipped a beat. She knew that she had been unfair to him by refusing to go and visit him at the hospital even though she was the one who had pushed him against the wall and so she refused to open the door.
Frank: “I know you are in there, Liz. Open up” he said , banging harder on the door.
Liz cringed in horror.
“Oh my God, I am in trouble, he is here for revenge”
she thought.
Frank continued knocking.
Liz: “go away, leave me alone, I cannot open the door” she said to him.
Frank: “why? I came in peace” he said raising his hands over his head unconsciously.
Liz: “look, I am sorry the way I treated you okay? Please forgive me, I was afraid of what you would do to me if I visit you in the hospital” she said.
Frank: “listen, I have forgotten all that. I am here because I miss you so much. Can you just open the door please?”
Liz: “are you sure?” she asked suspiciously.
Frank: “Positive. I had it in mind to revenge but now, I have decided to forgive you. If I meant any harm, I won’t come knocking for everyone to hear me” he explained.
After some thoughts, she opened the door gently and allowed him in, leaving it ajar.
Frank: “Why are you leaving your door opened? Are you not afraid of mosquitoes? Or are you afraid that I will harm you?” he said closing the door after her.
Liz: “what do you want?” she asked him, standing by the door.
Frank: “like I said I miss you and I am here to see you” he said again.
Liz: “But why are you coming by this time? I mean why this night?”
Frank: “I couldn’t come during the day because my best friend and roommate monitor my movement after I was discharged because they think that I was involved in some fight with some bad boys on campus and that was why they came to my house and jammed my head against the wall before I passed out”
“You…you mean you didn’t tell them that what happened was between me and you?” she stuttered.
Frank: “if I had told my people and my friends that you were the one who almost killed me, probably you would still be in Police detention by now” he said.
Liz: “I am sorry; I didn’t mean to do that to you. I…I didn’t mean to push you that hard. Please forgive me”
Frank: “sorry? Is that all you have to say? What if I had died? Would sorry have brought me back to life?”
Liz: “I was afraid that you had died and I knew that nobody would believe that it was a mistake, that is why I ran away” she said fearfully.
Frank: “accepted. When you heard that I didn’t die and that I was in the hospital, what did you do? Why did you abandon me? Was it too much to visit me in the hospital?”
Liz: “I am sorry, I was afraid of what your reactions would be if you see me” she said coming close to him.
Frank: “It’s okay. Do you still love me?” he asked.
Liz: “I love you more than you can imagine” she said sincerely and she meant it.
Frank: “then let’s make love, I will soon graduate and will it be fair for me to leave without touching you?”
Liz came close to him and placed her arms around his shoulders.
“You know that I am not one for sex until marriage. If you love me and have a future for me after this university, then you should wait. After all, that is what we would be doing after marriage” she said.
Frank: “baby please now, just allow me enter Jerusalem once now” he said drawing her close.
Liz: “you can play around Isreal o, that is foreplay but to enter Jerusalem, that has to be after marriage” she said.
That night, they slept in each other’s arms and Frank was contented to sleep beside her even though they was no form of intimacy between them. Spending the night beside her alone was enough to erase all the memory of pain and anger he felt about her abandoning him in the hospital.

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A month later, Frank was in his room with two of his friends discussing their relationships and they could not help but make a mockery of him and his girlfriend after he told them that she had not allowed him make love to her.
Sas: “I can’t believe that you still love this girl even though she has denied you access to her body. I am sure she is busy giving it to another person free of charge” he taunted him.
Frank: “no, she is a virgin. Liz cannot be sleeping with another man” he defended her.
Tam: “if it is not the fact that it is an insult, I would have said that you are stupid. In this generation, you think that a girl like Liz is a virgin. See ehn, let me tell you, lecturers as well as students dey f–k that girl” he said.
“That is not true” Frank said.
Tam: “how do you know? There is a way to find out, though” he said.
Frank: “how?”
Tam: “we will help you organize a rape session and you will rape her, only you”
Frank: “What! Are you out of your mind? Won’t she know that I am the one?” he asked thinking about it.
Tam: “Of course we will wear mask, she will never know” he said.

Question: “Will Frank do as his friends are advising?

To be continued.

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