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Heart Of Gold: Season 1 Episode 5

Declan tried to talk to his father but the old man was adamant and would not listen to him. Tired of trying to get his father’s attention, he raised his voice against the old man for the first time in his life.
Declan: “father, please listen to me. This is not a matter of remaining your son or not. It is about my life. If you really love me, then you should have no problem granting my desires” he screamed.
Mr Ogar: “what desire? The desire to allow me die when you have all it takes to keep me alive?”
Declan: “any other thing apart from giving you a part of my kidney and I will gladly do it. Listen, we can even pay a donor and have him give us one. We can even buy, it is no longer news that some people sell one of their kidneys to feed themselves. We have more than enough money to do that, please father” he pleaded.
“why are you talking like this? Have we not been searching for a kidney that matches mine for months now? If it were that easy to get, wouldn’t I have paid whatever amount that would be demanded? Why are you this inconsiderate?”
Declan: “father, I am sure that with more time they will find the perfect match for you” he said but his father flared up and went downstairs.
Mr Ogar: “Mr dear are you there” he said calling out to his wife from the stairs”
Mrs Ogar: “I am here” she said looking up to him.
Mr Ogar: “can you imagine what my son is saying?” he asked at the top of his voice.
Stacey’s heart skipped a beat when she heard him speak. She knew that the confrontation between her husband and his father wasn’t going to be easy but she didn’t expect him to react that way.
Mrs Ogar: “what is the problem?”
Mr Ogar: “my son who initially agreed to give me one of his kidneys is saying something else” he said taking his favourite seat in the sitting room.
Mrs Ogar: “what is the something else that he is saying?” she asked with peaked interest.
Stacey knelt down before her father in law and greeted him.

Mr Ogar: “my daughter, are you aware of what your husband came here to tell me?” he asked her after answering her greetings.
Stacey: “I…er…” she stuttered.
Mr Ogar: “my own son whom I labored to train has refused to give me one of his kidneys. Who can believe that?”
Mrs Oga: “What! How can you even think of doing a thing like that? I mean how will you just wake up one day and say you will not donate one of your kidneys to your father anymore? Are you out of your mind, Declan?”
Declan: “I beg your pardon ma?” he stuttered.
Mrs Ogar: “don’t beg for any pardon. I have always known it that you hate your father but I didn’t know that the hatred was this strong. Do you want to make me a widow before my time? Don’t you know that the doctors have given my husband limited time to live with this kidney?”
Declan: “that is the problem ma. You are thinking of yourself alone. You don’t want to be a widow anytime soon even though you have been married to my father for many years now. Have you thought of my wife? Is it right to make her a widow even though we just got married? All I am saying is that we should spread our tentacles and search for a donor rather than giving mine. Please understand with me, mother”
Mrs Ogar: “don’t you dare call me mother again. If you acknowledge me as your mother, you will not open your gutter of a mouth to call me a selfish woman” she said.
Declan: “but I never called you a selfish woman” he started to say before she interrupted him.
Mrs Ogar: “of course you did. What do you take me for? A dummy who doesn’t understand simple English or what? You said that I was I was thinking of myself alone. If that is not selfish, then I wonder what is”
Mr Ogar: “my daughter, do you speak to your husband at all? Is it fair for him to wake up one morning and decide against giving me one of his kidneys?”
Stacey: “erm..sir, I think what my husband is saying is that we should seek for a donor or a seller rather than him giving his own because he may develop complications in the process and considering the fact that we just got married…”
“shut up your useless mouth there” her mother in law interrupted her.
Mrs Ogar: “what are you vomiting from that your cheap mouth? I said it before that there is something fishy somewhere when I saw you walk in with Declan. So you are the one who advised him against giving his father his kidney right? You, an ordinary girl whose bride price we paid” she continued.

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Mr Ogar: “so you are in support of your husband’s decision? I actually thought you are a good girl and that we were marrying into a good home. I didn’t know that you are very wicked and senseless. And to think I went out of my way to get you an Indian visa so that you could travel with us and take care of your husband after the transplant. I am so disappointed in you” the old man said to Stacey.
Mrs Ogar: “my dear do you now see what I was talking about? I said you should go for this kidney transplant before marrying a wife for Declan but you refused because you wanted him to get a wife that would take care of him at the hospital over there. Now see where the thing has landed us”
Declan: “why do you hate me this much mother? Why must I be the one to give my father one of my kidneys? Why didn’t you provide any of your sons for their kidneys to be tested to see if it will match my father’s? if I were your biological son, would you do this to me?”
Mrs Ogar: “you are the first son of this family and it is your duty to help your father. Oh, you think you can just sit down and claim all the glory and inheritance as the first son right? Well, sorry, nothing good comes easy. My dear, lets go upstairs and leave Declan and his useless wife alone. Whether they like it or not, he must give you that kidney and there is nothing he and his evil adviser of a wife can do to you” she said and helped her husband up leaving the young couple speechless.

Few days after Frank was discharged from the hospital, he woke up at about 11pm when he was sure that his friend was sleeping. He tiptoed out of bed, wore his black leather jacket, grabbed a Nike Face cap and closed the door gently behind him so as not to wake his friend. He stepped out of his compound and made his way to Liz’ house. He knew that she would be alone in her room at that time, and it was the perfect opportunity for him to strike and take his pound of flesh.

Question: Looks like Liz is in trouble here. What does Frank intend to do to her?

To be continued.

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