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Heart Of Gold: Season 1 Episode 19

Mama Frank was taken aback by her son’s outburst.
Mama Frank: “what is it? Why did you shout like that?”
Frank: “nothing, mum. The way you said the man we will go and visit sees everything, sounds like a mini god of some sort” he lied.
Mama Frank: “Yes, there are people that are gifted in seeing beyond the physical. I am your mother so you shouldn’t have a problem with me hearing everything that you have ever done in your life or are you hiding anything from me?” she asked.
Frank: “No o, of course not” he said.
Mama Frank: “I am going to see your wife right away” she said and left before he could say anything.
Liz was lying down on the bed when her mother came in. She sat up immediately.
Liz: “mama, good afternoon ma” she said quickly. She was expecting trouble because anytime her mother in law came into the room, it was to remind her of her prolonged barrenness.
Mama Frank: “relax my daughter, I come in peace” she said when she saw that her daughter in law was restless.
Liz: “okay ma, I will just go to the kitchen and prepare your lunch”
Mama Frank: Don’t worry my daughter. I am not hungry yet, I actually came here to discuss something with you” she said.
Liz: “mama, I am trying so hard to get pregnant and by God’s grace, I will give you a grandchild”
Mama Frank: “actually, that is not why I am here” She interrupted her.
Liz: “Really? “
Mama Frank: “Yes. I actually came to apologize to you” She said and paused for effects.
Liz: “apologize to me?” She asked unable to believe her ears.
“Exactly” Mama Frank replied.
Liz: “about what ma” She dared to ask.
Mama Frank: “I came to apologize for all the troubles I have been giving you ever since I have been coming to this house. I am sure it is the devil that has been trying to cause confusion between us. Don’t be angry my dear”
Liz: “Mama, you didn’t offend me o. In fact I understand everything that you were doing. You only needed your grandchild and there is nothing wrong with that”
Mama Frank: “Thank you my dear. You see, that is why I like you. You are very understanding. Now that we are done with that, I also want to inform you that we have concluded plans to travel to the village to find out the reason why you are unable to conceive and you are coming with us”
Liz: “Mama, I thought we have accepted that children would come soon? What solution are you talking about again?”
Mama Frank: “My daughter, do you know that your childlessness may be the handiwork of some wicked people who don’t want my son to father a child? The only way we can find out where the problem is, is by travelling down to the village” She tried to convince her.
Liz: “I am a Christian Mama, and I don’t believe in such things”
Mama Frank: “My dear you are funny. Am I a Muslim? Why are you talking as if I am not a Christian too? I am not asking you to do anything fetish, all we will do is see the man and then we get some herbs that will help hasten your taking in, that is all”
Liz: “Are you sure about this?”
Mama Frank: “You are my son’s wife and I can never deceive you” She said.
Liz: “If you insist then we can leave anytime you are ready” She said because she wanted peace to reign and not because she believed in the powers of any dibia to help her bear a child.

Two days after their father’s burial, the lawyer of late Mr Ogar summoned Mrs Ogar and her two children as well as Declan and his wife to the sitting room where he brought out a copy of Mr Ogar’s will and showed it to them.
Lawyer: “ladies and gentlemen, here is my client’s will as sealed. He instructed while he was alive that I read it to you all after his burial. Since he has been buried now, I think we can get done with it so that you all can go back to your businesses” He said and they all nodded in agreement.
The will read thus:
“I Mr Ogar appreciate God for everything that he has done for me while I was on earth.
I thank my wife, who gave me two children and for all that we went through together.
I thank my sons, Iyke and Jim, who have been too busy to acknowledge me as their father.
I thank my daughter in law, Stacey for taking care of me and even quitting her job so that she can help her husband to take care of me while I was confined to a wheelchair. Because of me and my son, she lost a pregnancy in India. May God bless you richly.
I want to specially thank my first son, the Apple of my eyes, my pride and the strength of my youth, Declan. As I write this, words cannot explain how much I love and appreciate you. I couldn’t have asked for a better son. Thank you for filling in the great vacuum that the death of your mother created in my life and heart. How do I even begin to appreciate you? Is it by thanking you for giving me one of your kidneys so that I can have life again? Or is it the pain you went through at the hospital in India after the surgery where you almost lost your life for me? Is it how you stood by me and took care of me in my confinement or how you used up your life savings to take me twice to India for medical checkups? May God bless you and keep you for your wife and children.
As at the time I am writing this ,I have no money in my account, thanks to my exorbitant hospital bill. Therefore, all my landed property belongs to my son, Declan. The house I have in the city and in the village belongs to him and so do my cars and every other investment. He is to take over the affairs of my company after my death. Everything down to a single kobo that I have goes to my son Declan.
As for my wife and her children, let me shock you by informing you that I know that you have been stealing from me all these while. I spent a lot on my sons to train them abroad and only God knows if they graduated or not. I have opened several businesses for my wife but she is always coming up with one excuse or the other on why it failed. The ten million naira you took from my account recently is what I would have given to you and your children as inheritance.
I pray that you all will live together after my death. Until we meet to part no more.
Signed. Mr Ogar.
Lawyer: “That is the will as written by the deceased”.
Jim: “Excuse me but did you just call the rubbish you read will?”
Lawyer: “I beg your pardon? “
Iyke: “Oga charge and bail lawyer, wetin my brother talk be say that thing wey you read now, na him you dey call will?”
Lawyer: “ I take exception to the insult on my profession by calling me a charge and bail lawyer. However, the so called rubbish is your father’s will and we all have to accept that”
Mrs Ogar: “You are not serious, barrister”
Lawyer: “What?”
Mrs Ogar: “Yes, I said you are a joker. That thing you just read now is not my husband’s will. You better go back to the office and get my husband’s original will wherever you kept it. I will not accept this fabricated nonsense”

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Question: The stage is set for some family confrontations. Will Declan pull through with his father’s properties? Does Mama Frank mean well for Liz? Why the sudden change in her attitude?

To be continued.

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