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Heart Of Gold: Season 1 Episode 17

Five years after the kidney transplant, Mr Ogar’s health began to deteriorate. His inability to supervise his businesses like he always did caused him lots of contracts and coupled with the economic recession in the country, his business began to suffer.
His wife also contributed to the failure of his business by her elaborate lifestyle and love for material things. Her husband had made her signatory to his account and she had taken the opportunity to squander all that her husband had on her extended family and her sons who were also used to elaborate lifestyles. The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when her husband who had not had access to his phones for weeks while he was on hospital admission returned home and saw that the ten million naira he had left in his account was missing.
Mr Ogar: “my dear, did you by any chance withdraw any money from our joint account?”
Mrs Ogar: “What are you saying? Where do you think I have been seeing the money that I have been using to treat you?”
“But I sent some money into your account for my treatment even before I was admitted. I purposely left that money in my bank account because I wanted to use it to process this contract I am pursuing with the state government” He said.
Mrs Ogar: “Oh, you mean the ten million naira in the joint account? “
“yes” her husband replied anxiously.
Mrs Ogar: “Okay. I withdrew it while you were in the hospital” She said casually.
Mr Ogar: “You what? Okay. Where is the money?”
Mrs Ogar: “I used it for an important project”
Mr Ogar: “What project? What project is more important than the project we are pursuing?”
Mrs Ogar: “this one is sure to yield more profit, my dear”
Mr Ogar: “Okay, tell me about the business”
Mrs Ogar: “You know that our younger son pays football right? Well, he got in touch with this agent who wants to link him up with Chelsea football club so that he can play for the club. The agent needed fifteen million and after some pleading, he agreed to take ten million naira. So, I took the ten million in your account and gave it to my son to give to the agent “
“What! Are you out of your mind or something? You gave my hard earned ten million naira to an agent without my permission? What sort of football does your son play that he wants to play for Chelsea? Is that how people pay to get signed into clubs?”
Mrs Ogar: “Why are you talking like this? He is our son and it is our duty to help his career. Don’t you know that he will be earning millions of naira as a footballer? Look Neymar for instance, don’t you know how much they will be paying him every month? Besides, how could I have told you when the doctor said you shouldn’t be disturbed? Please understand with me “
Mr Ogar: “Just listen to yourself. Did Neymar pay any agent to get signed? That money is all the cash that I have left. If you know the agent you gave it to, you better go back and get my money”.
Mrs Ogar: “Sorry but it is too late my dear. The account number the agent sent to us is a foreign one and our son said he hasn’t been able to reach him since that time but I am sure the agent will get in touch soon”
“what! It’s a scam. My ten million naira is gone” He screamed and fell down.
“My chest, help, I cannot breathe” He said.
His wife rushed to him and in a few minutes time, they were on the way to the hospital with Mrs Ogar shouting at the driver to speed up.

Liz and her mother in law continued to have one problem after the other and as usual her husband supported his mother. Frank also became more daring with his staying out attitude all the while that his mother was in the house.
Liz decided to confront him that night after he returned home reeling of alcohol at almost 12 midnight.
Liz: “What has come over you? Why are you doing this to me, no tell me, why?”
Frank: “What is it? Will you allow me rest or do you want me to go back to where I am coming from?”
Liz: “Frank please, I need you now more than ever. I am going through a lot of pressure right now. Your mother is on my neck to give her a grandchild and you are keeping late nights, even doing worst than you were doing before your mother came in. Now you stay out longer than you used to and when you come back, you reel of alcohol and then sleep off as soon as your head touches the pillow. How am I supposed to get pregnant like this”
Frank: “So because you want to get pregnant I should not go to see my friends again or what are you saying?”
Liz: “I am saying that we need to spend more time with each other so that I can give your mother a grand child, that is all I ask for”
Frank: “You are very stupid!”
Liz: “What?” She asked surprisingly.
Frank: “Yes, you heard the right. How can you say we need more time just so you can give my mother a grandchild? Don’t you need a child too? Don’t I deserve a child as your own husband? What sort of a wife are you?”
Liz: “all I know is that I am tired of your mother’s constant naggings and your hanging out late even though you are jobless, I am tired” She said and walked into the room with him following her.
Frank: “It is not your fault. My friends warned me but I didn’t listen” He cursed.
Liz: “What did you just say?” She stopped.
Frank: “I said is it my fault that I married you despite the fact that you were raped? How many men marry women who have been raped? You better thank God instead of nagging”
Liz: “I cannot believe you are saying this” She said and collapsed on the bed with tears.

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After the heart attack that happened as a result of his money that was taken from his account, Mr Ogar’s condition became worse and he was confined to a wheelchair as a result of stroke that was triggered by the heart attack.
His wife became tired of taking care of him and decided to travel to visit her parents.
Mrs Ogar: “my husband, thank God that you are back from the hospital now. I want to inform you that I will be travelling to visit my parents in the village next tomorrow and I will be there for at least two weeks until the August meeting is over”
Mr Ogar: “That is okay but what about me, who would take care of me while you are away?”
Mrs Ogar: “So because my husband is sick I should not live my life again abi what?”
Mr Ogar: “That is not what I mean. Look at my condition, I can’t help myself, I need you now more than ever”
Mrs Ogar: “Listen, you know that I don’t joke with our August meeting and so I have to go. You can go and stay with your son so that his wife will take care of you after all you once bought a car for her”
Mr Ogar: “How can you even suggest that? You want me to go and expose my nakedness to my daughter in law? Is that right?”
Mr Ogar: “I have said my own. You better make up your mind by tomorrow so that I can drop you off else, you are on your own” She said and walked out on him, leaving him in grave emotional pains.

To be continued.

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