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Heart Of Gold: Season 1 Episode 10

The Ogars and the Declans travelled in the same plane to India where the transplant was scheduled to take place in a few days.
It was an uneventful journey all the way from Nigeria to India as Declan and his wife were engulfed in their own thoughts and the life that awaited them after the surgery.
Prior to that time, the doctors had told them that Declan and his father would remain in the hospital for three months after the surgery. Stacey was to stay with her husband in his private ward and attend to him while Mrs Ogar would attend to her own husband. It was barely three months after their wedding and Stacey had already missed her period. She wondered how she would cope for three months in the hospital, taking care of an invalid when she was sure about being few weeks pregnant. Her husband who was sitting beside her noticed the discomfiture in her face and so he took her hands in his own.

Declan: “you are thinking, don’t worry, all will be fine. I promise you that” he said.
Stacey: “yeah baby, I know all will be fine too. Just make sure you recover well and fast for me and our baby after the surgery okay?”
Declan: “I will my love. We are going to stay there for just three months, after which we shall return back home and live our normal lives while we await the arrival of our baby” he assured her.
Stacey: “three months without my husband is not just funny” she said frowning.
Declan: “who said you are going to stay for three months without your husband? Won’t you be beside me in the hospital?”
Stacey: “it is not the same as the way we are like this jor. Shebi you will be lying on the hospital bed? Will you be able to touch and cuddle me when I am cold? What if I am in the mood to feel you inside me, will you be able to do it in that three months that you would be on hospital admission?”
Declan: “trust me, if I am strong enough I will do it. Why shouldn’t I, when you are my wife?” he touched the tip of her nose fondly.
Stacey: “You will sleep with me on the hospital bed? Ah, the CCTV cameras there will just capture everything and before you know, the footage will be floating on all social media platforms. Ah, this my husband is naughty ghan” she teased in return.
They both laughed, each feeling better than they were feeling when they boarded the plan.
Mr and Mrs Ogar who were sitting close to each other watched with admiration as the two young couples whispered into each other ears.
Mr Ogar: “my son loves his wife so much. Sometimes I feel I am being unnecessarily unfair to him” he said to his wife.
Mrs Ogar: “unfair to him as how? You gave him the best of education and you opened a business for him and helped him marry the woman of his dreams. How else can one be fair to a son?” she asked getting irritated because she hated it when her husband dotted on his first son.
Mr Ogar: “I mean my insisting on him giving me one of his kidneys. Now I am thinking, what if something happens to him after the surgery? I will never be able to forgive myself afterwards” he said.
Mrs Ogar: “what is wrong with a son giving his father one of his kidneys? Why are you not thinking of yourself? What do you think will happen to me if you don’t do this kidney transplant and you die? Who do you want to make a widow at this age?”
Mr Ogar: “if you love me that much, why didn’t you tell any of your own biological sons to donate their kidney to me” he fired back.
“Because Declan is your first son and I also know that he is your favourite son even though you have denied it several times” she replied.
Mr Ogar: “I know you will always defend your own children after all you were the one who brought the idea that I ask Declan to give me one of his kidneys and when he refused, you told me to threaten to kill myself and that he will surely give in. It worked and here we are” he said.
Mrs Ogar: “I don’t know what you are talking about. I am only trying to help as the virtuous woman that I am. If you are not comfortable with it, you can ask the pilot to stop or turn back so that we can all return home. If not, see you in India” she said and covered her eyes and ears, pretending to be asleep.
Mr Ogar: “Imagine, I should ask the pilot to stop or return, how ridiculous” he cursed under his breath.

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Sas: “guy, I don’t understand you o, this one that I see you walking all over the campus with Liz, which levels na?” he asked his friend.
Frank: “which levels as how? Shey you don’t know that Liz is my babe ni?”
Sas: “babe abi victim?”
Frank: “victim as how?”
Sas: “Person wey you rape na your victim be that now” he said.
Frank: “let me just pretend not to hear that. Anyway, I love Liz, nothing has changed after the incidence” he said casually.
Sas: “what! You still love her after you raped her? Abeg, tell me how that is possible”
Frank: “what are you even saying seff? You know that I was dating this girl before the idea of raping her to find out if she was telling the truth came up. I did and I discovered that she was actually a virgin meaning that she was faithful to me and that she was not lying to me. I fell deeply in love with her after realizing how innocent she was. Then to crown it all, after that rape incidence, she gave me pass to her Jerusalem, I mean she gives me sex anytime I want it. That has made me to fall deeper in love” he said.
Sas: “hey, egba mi o, this my guy has been trapped by this girl’s honey pot o, hian!”
Frank: “that is love for you my guy, but you won’t understand considering the fact that you are a bad boy who goes about sleeping with ladies without having any emotional attachment with them”
Sas: “see, let me tell you my own. You cannot eat your cake and have it o, you raped that girl and you are still lurking around her and sleeping with her in the name of love, that is so unfair. Do not deceive yourself, If you truly loved her, you wouldn’t have accepted to rape her in the first place”
Frank: “well, I didn’t want to. You guys pushed me” he said.

Sas: “there is nothing like we pushed you. If what you had for her was true love, you wouldn’t have allowed yourself to be pushed. My advice is that you stay as far away from her as possible so that you don’t complicate issues for yourself. Do you think that anything will remain hidden forever? Keep going to her and one day you will say or do something to her that will give you away as the rapist who deflowered her. When the trouble starts brewing, I will not be here to save your ass o, I have told you my own” he said holding his ears for emphasis.
Frank: “I love her and she loves me, isn’t that all that matters?”
Sas: “okay now, tell that to the judge when you finally get charged to court for rape” he said and picked up a handout to read.

To be continued.

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