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Hear My Story!: Episode 12

Hear My Story!

Hear My Story!

I was a bit relieved,at least,after hearing what Mrs Williams said.

“Now, tell me….how did it happen?.” She asked.

I told her everything i could remember without hiding anything intentionally.

Whenever i said something she didn’t understand,she would throw a question to me,and i would answer.

After our discussion, she said “Do u know what?” I said “No ma”.

She said “I will take you to our house now, go and pick some of your clothes and things u’ll need for the few days which you will be with me.

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I agreed! In less than one hour, i found myself sitting in the small, beautiful living room of D Williams.

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I was taken to d visitor’s room,where i put my bag.

What am i going to do next now?….I had no idea.

Thank God for d way everything happened, maybe i would have taught of abortion, but now, dt’s out of d way, except i wanted to offend God more.

We didnt meet Pastor Williams at home when we got home, he was away to attend a meeting, so i was told.

He came back around 8pm. He was surprised to see me in their house. I only greeted him, he answered me, and went straight into

their room. His wife followed him immediately, i guess she was going to tell him why he saw me in their house.

About one hour later, they both came out of d room. More interesting stories available Pastor Williams was unusually silent, but i could read from his face he didn’t like what he heard..of course, i didn’t expect him to like it.

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Then,Pastor Mrs came to my room after dinner and asked “Sis Sewa, what do u want to do now?”.

“I dont even know ma.”

“Have u informed Bode?”

“No ma. I didnt even know i was pregnant.”

“I learnt he has gone back to school….Send a message to

him to inform him, let’s hear what he will say. Dont let him

know i’m aware about it o”.

“Okay ma.I won’t.”

What was Bode’s response?.


Hear My Story….

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